Leicester researchers develop new online diabetes test

Posted by mjs76 at Jul 07, 2010 03:40 PM |
User-friendly health-check now available – and a Diabetes MSc course too.

Diabetes UK has launched a new online type 2 diabetes risk score test, developed in collaboration with the University of Leicester and the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust.

A simple, seven-step questionnaire assesses the user’s risk of type 2 diabetes in a friendly, accessible way through the use of nine case studies: photos and quotes from real people about their own situation, risk level and understanding. By assigning points based a person’s sex, ethnicity, waist size, BMI (body mass index) and family history, the online test identifies the risk level and makes recommendations about steps to take.

There is also the option to send the diabetes test to family and friends via social media or e-mail.

The University of Leicester’s Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease Research Group is based in our Department of Health Sciences, under the leadership of Professor Kamlesh Khunti, and also has close links with our Department of Cardiovascular Sciences, as well as the local NHS Trusts. The group has an international reputation for its work on different aspects of diabetes and also runs the South East Midlands Diabetes Research Network.

And we have recently launched an MSc in Diabetes, aimed at healthcare professionals working in the field. The course is available as separate modules which can be studied as a full-time, one-year course or part-time over a number of years.