Why you should buy yourself a Bible this Christmas

Posted by mjs76 at Dec 22, 2010 09:30 AM |
The Oxford University Press blog is rounding out the year with a series of guest posts by OUP authors on classic works of English literature that are worth revisiting, including our own Professor Gordon Campbell.

Professor Campbell, from our School of English has, unsurprisingly, chosen the King James Bible which celebrates its 400th anniversary in 2011.

He is the author of Bible: The Story of the King James Version 1611-2011 and also a contextual/historical essay included in the Quatercentenary Edition of the 'KJV' itself. Gordon's (very persuasive) argument is that the KJV is a magnificent - and hugely influential - work of literature in its own right, independent of its obvious religious importance.

Next year Gordon will undertake a punishing world tour of speaking engagements around the topic.

For more information on Gordon’s book and the book that inspired it, visit our King James Bible microsite.

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