Console gamers sought for psychology study

Posted by mjs76 at Aug 17, 2010 05:11 PM |
Are you a keen player of video games? One of our psychology researchers is seeking volunteers who perhaps spend a bit too long on the Playstation.
Console gamers sought for psychology study

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Steve Farmer is a second year trainee on our Clinical Psychology Doctorate course and he is studying the experiences of console gamers who have had difficulties in their lives as a result of their gaming. That could be problems with relationship difficulties, financial/employment difficulties or even physical problems.

The research ethics of this study have been approved and all interviews will be completely confidential. A £10 gift voucher will be sent to each participant to thank them for their time.

The participants Steve is looking for are males, aged 20+, who spend more than 30 hours each week on the Playstation, Xbox or Wii and have had experienced sort of gaming-induced problem within the past twelve months. Steve says:

I am hoping that these interviews will add to current research by looking at gamers experiences rather than making assumptions about them. This is an opportunity to have your say about gaming. I plan to use this research to inform health services about how they understand gaming and to change the way they support people who feel they have a real problem with their gaming behaviour.”

To learn more about this research, you can contact Steve Farmer (without obligation) at