New appointments in Chaplaincy and School of Management

Posted by mjs76 at Apr 14, 2010 03:57 PM |
Welcome to Stephens Wood and Foster.

Professor Stephen Wood joins the University of Leicester this month as Professor of Management and Director of Research in our School of Management. He comes to us from the University of Sheffield where was Deputy Director and Research Chair at the Institute of Work Psychology, and before that he was Reader in Industrial Relations at the London School of Economics.

But long before that, young Stephen Wood was a pupil at Wyggeston Boys’ Grammar School – now called Wyggeston and Queen Elizabeth I College – which sits directly alongside the University campus. So it will probably feel very much like coming home.

Meanwhile, the Revd Cannon Dr Stephen Foster (a man clearly spoiled for choice when filling in the ‘title’ box on application forms) has been appointed as the University’s new Co-ordinating Chaplain and Anglican Chaplain. He will take over in September from Rev Suresh Kumar (acting Anglican Chaplain) and Father Peter Hunter (acting Co-ordinating Chaplain).

The University of Leicester has a whole team* of chaplains: Anglican, Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran and Salvation Army and one for International Students. The Chaplaincy also has contacts with representatives of many other faiths.

Stephen Foster has worked at Leicester Cathedral and Leicester Grammar School and was a contestant on The Weakest Link. He also has a deep bass singing voice which he is currently applying to the role of the Commendatore in Don Giovanni.

*There does not appear to be a collective noun for a group of chaplains. Your suggestions are welcome.