Fly around our proposed new sports facilities

Posted by mjs76 at Apr 30, 2010 12:50 PM |
Thanks to the wonders of modern computer animation, you can take a tour of the new gym and swimming pool – even before they are built.

Plans are currently being developed for improvements to the University sports facilities in Oadby. The proposal is to knock down the old building which houses the gym and replace it with a fabulous new building that will have a gym, swimming pool and sauna. These facilities will be available to staff, students and local residents.

A range of plans and illustrations are available but for those who want to actually take a stroll around the facilities, a four-minute ‘fly-through’ video is now available. As 3D experiences go, it's not quite Avatar but it should give you a feel for the size and shape of the place.

If you're curious about the large white sphere, that's not an oversize football or the University's own zorb, it's the Department of Physics and Astronomy's telescope.

And please don’t have nightmares about the creepy lady on reception in this video. When the facilities are opened, we are committed to employing staff who actually have a face.