Refurbished receptions

Posted by mjs76 at Mar 08, 2010 02:27 PM |
First impressions count, so refurbishments to the foyers of some of the buildings in our College of Medicine, Biological Sciences and Psychology are very welcome.

The Adrian Building, home to our Departments of Biology, Genetics and Health Sciences, is lighter and more spacious with a central feature of DNA double helix and artwork based on electron microscopy images.

The Maurice Shock Medical Science Building, home to the Departments of Cell Physiology and Pharmacology, Infection, Immunity and Inflammation and Medical and Social Care Education also has a terrific new reception area with colourful designs and extra meeting spaces. This project has also involved converting a former bookshop into an open access computer suite. (The University Bookshop is now in the Library building of course.)

In addition, the entrance to the School of Law, which is round the back of the Fielding Johnson Building, has been redesigned internally with external work still to come. It looks a bit more like a professional reception area now and a bit less like a corridor. The colour scheme comes from the use of Farrow and Ball paints and the reception desk has been constructed by hand.

All three refurbishments are part of an ongoing project which began with the Bennett Building a couple of years ago, although no other Department has yet gone as far as copying Geology by installing a dinosaur skeleton in their foyer.