Leicester graduates in the news: Derek Schmidt

Posted by mjs76 at Jun 10, 2010 12:39 PM |
Politics graduate sits on State Senate in Kansas.

Every year, the American Legion organises ‘Boys and Girls’ States’ – summer schools on university campuses which gives high school students a chance to find out about the realities of the American political system through mock elections.

Twenty-five years ago, Derek Schmidt was elected ‘Governor’ at the Kansas Boys’ State, kick-starting a political career which has taken him to the position of Republican Majority Leader on the real Kansas Senate – via an MA in International Politics from Leicester.

This week, Schmidt returned to the University of Kansas to visit the 2010 Boys’ State and spoke to the Fort Scott Tribune about his career.

After graduating from Kansas U, Schmidt came to Leicester on a Rotary International scholarship, subsequently studying law at Georgetown University. He now represents the town of Independence on the Kansas Senate and is also the City Prosecutor.