Leicester geographer researches cheap, green homes

Posted by mjs76 at Mar 03, 2010 02:20 PM |
Building an eco-friendly home is a great idea but the cost of solar panels, thermal heat pumps and suchlike is prohibitively expensive for most people. It’s one of the great ironies of our time that the folk best positioned to cut their domestic carbon footprint are those with money to burn.

In some countries, however, eco-homes are more affordable. Which is why Dr Jenny Pickerill, a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Geography, has been awarded a Winston Churchill Travelling Fellowship to research this topic and see how principles from abroad could be applied in the UK.

This summer, Dr Pickerill will spend two months travelling around the USA, Argentina, Thailand and Spain, researching the best and least expensive ways to build eco-homes. Among the projects she will visit on her trip to New Mexico are Earthship Biotecture, where sustainable homes are created from recycled materials, and small sustainable projects such as The Hummingbird Community and The Lama Foundation.

Dr Pickerill is already something of an authority on eco-homes, having co-edited a book on the subject, Low Impact Development: The Future in Our Hands.