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Here at Leicester, we appreciate a good read that's why we're giving you 'The Power', a gripping dystopian thriller which will make you question the relationship between gender and power. Our aim is to create a University-wide shared reading experience, using literature to bring people together.

This Year's Read: 'The Power'


‘The Power’ takes place in our world with one key difference: almost every woman in the world starts to develop the ability to electrocute others at will. Some use it to defend themselves, some see it as a game and others try to hide the power growing inside of them.  No one knows where it came from but only one thing is certain:

Everything is going to change.

Roxy is one of the first, the daughter of a London Crime boss who finds unimaginable power at her finger-tips. Allie is a foster child in America with big ideas. Margot is a US politician having to navigate an upturned political landscape. And Tunde, an aspiring journalist, is one of the first to video the phenomenon. ‘The Power’ follows these four characters as they, and the world around them, inexorably changes.

Prescient, potent, and filled with pulsating action, ‘The Power’ is a book that will both grip you and fill you with questions about the world we live in. What is power? Who deserves power? And what do people do once they have it?

How do I get my copy?

If you're living in University accommodation your free copy will be waiting for you when you move in! If you're living at home this year or commuting to University, get in touch and we'll make sure you receive a free book too.

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