Copyright and Other University Licences

In addition to the CLA Photocopying and Scanning Licence - outlined in the Copyright basics section - the University also subscribes to a number of other licences:

ERA+ - Educational Recording Agency

This licence permits staff at educational establishments to record, for non-commercial educational purposes, broadcast output of ERA's Members

TickAudio Visual Services are happy to assist in making an official copy of the broadcast, which must be labelled with the date and title of the broadcast, and the name of the broadcaster.

The following copyright statement must also be included: 'this is to be used for educational and non-commercial purposes under the terms of the ERA licence'.

TickMaterials can be edited into clips, providing that they do not substantially change the nature of the programme. These clips can be used in PowerPoint but must include the labelling information previously detailed.

Cross PowerPoint presentations cantaining ERA+ licensed material can subsequently be placed onto the VLE but the licensed material can only be accessed within the UK.

BBC Active Video for Learning

The BBC offers a large variety of educational programmes which can be provided in a variety of formats for teaching purposes.  It may be possible to place these on the VLE for viewing by distance learners, depending on the programme you wish to use.  See the Video for Learning website for programme availability and related costs.  To discuss licensing a programme for use on the VLE either click the 'Digital Licensing Option' when placing your order, or contact their Customer Services team.

NLA - Newspaper Licensing Authority

The University has a comprehensive NLA licence which covers making up to 250 copies (for students) and 4 copies (for staff) from the following national titles:

You may also make up to 250 copies (for students) and 4 copies (for staff) from up to ten local or regional titles.

TickAll copies should clearly display the following notice on the front:

"NLA licensed copy. No further copies may be made except under licence."

TickPhotographs and graphics contained within articles can also be copied.


Cross We are not covered for online newspaper articles as we do not own a NLA digital licence.

CrossCopies must not be transferred to others who are not registered on the course of study for which the copies were made.

Digimap, Geology Digimap & Historic Digimap

The University subscribes to both Digimap and Historic Digimap:

  • Digimap delivers Ordnance Survey Map Data which allows users to view, print and download maps of any location in Great Britain.
  • Geology Digimap provides material from the British Geological Survey
  • Historic Digimap provides access to digital scans of historic Ordnance Survey map data.

It includes all available County Series maps published between 1843 and 1939 and National Grid maps published from 1945 and before the introduction of the Ordnance Survey's digital Land-Line product in the 1990s.

Check the Digimap Terms and Conditions for specific information on what you are permitted to copy.

HMSO - Her Majesty's Stationery Office

HMSO manages and licences the use and re-use of all information produced by Government departments, which is subject to Crown copyright, and also manages the licensing of Parliamentary copyright material under the terms of an agreement with the United Kingdom Parliament.

TickThe copyright in certain categories of material has been waived by the Crown in order to encourage its widespread use for reference and dissemination.

For the most up-to-date information please visit:

  • National Archives Website (for information on free registration to the click-use licence for use of Crown, Public Sector and Parliamentary copyright). This licence permits the reproduction of much (but not all) Crown copyright material which is not already covered by a Guidance Note, subject to certain conditions. There is no copyright fee for reproducing material under the terms of this licence.
  • the HMSO for general information
  • Parliamentary Copyright for parliamentary copyright
  • Some Guidance Notes have been issued for some of the categories, detailing the extent of permitted reproduction. There is no fee for reproducing material under the terms of a Guidance Note.



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