Copyright and eReaders

The Copyright Service realises that you may wish to deliver materials to students using a method other than via an online reading list or a printed course pack. You may find the the following guidance useful when planning what materials you wish to include.

Printed books, journals and some magazines

Image of an Amazon Kindle e-readerThe University holds a Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) Licence which allows us to provides scans to students, subject to the following restrictions:

  • Limits of 1 chapter/1 article or 10%
  • Method of delivery must be password protected
  • Each scan must have a cover notice and be reported to the CLA
  • The University must hold a copy of the source publication
  • Scans must be renewed for each cohort

All scanning is done centrally by the Library. Please submit requests via readinglists@leicester .


All items available electronically via the Library catalogue are governed by individual licence agreements.  In the case of journals, most licences allow use of article(s) in an eCoursepack but not all. The Copyright Service can check this for you.


Our eBook licences do not licence us to load them onto eReaders, although students may be able to download an individual copy.  It is also worth bearing in mind the following:

Does a suitable eBook exist? Those available via consumer websites are lilkely to be for purchase and use by an individual.  Institutional copies may be available, the Library can check this for you.

If a suitable eBook is not available, it may be possible to obtain permission from the publisher for the required use, there is usually a per student cost.

Web resources

If you wish to use material you have found on the web, many terms and conditions will permit downloading of limited amount for personal use only.  If you wish to preload material onto an eReader for your students this would not be covered under such terms and conditions.  We would therefore recommend the following:

  • Try and use openly licenced materials such as those under Creative Commons
  • Link to resources wherever possible
  • Be realistic about the number and types of resources you wish to use

The Library can try and obtain clearance for you for resources, but the more resources you wish to use, the greater the lead time required.  In our experience:

  • 50-60% of permission requests are answered
  • Media corporations (news/tv) are likely to deny permission or charge substantial fees (£500 per cohort)
  • Permission is required for each cohort

If you are thinking of delivering materials via an eReader, please contact the library's Academic Services team in the first instance.

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