How to remain within the law.

The Copyright Service aims to ensure that students and staff at the University of Leicester remain legally compliant when using resources which are in copyright.

Copying for personal use

An image of a multifunction device in the Express Zone at the David Wilson Library.Under UK copyright law, you can copy a 'fair' amount from a work for your own private study, research or critical review.  A copy can be retained in print or electronically, but cannot be made accessible to others. 

Although fair is not defined, please bear the following points in mind:

  • any copying must not impact on the commercial interests of the rightsholder
  • only one copy can be made
  • you must limit the amount copied to only that which you require
  • you must not pass your copy on to anyone else

For further information please see Copyright Basics.

Copying for teaching

There is an exception in UK copyright law which allows reuse of copyright works for the purposes of instruction. Please see Copyright and Teaching for further information.

In addition, the University holds a number of licences which allow us to copy materials for the purposes of teaching. All digitisation requests should be submitted via readinglists@Leicester .

For published books, journals and some magazines, our Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) licence allows us to photocopy or scan, subject to certain restrictions:

  • Material must be limited to one chapter or 10% of a book or one article from a journal issue
  • We must hold a copy of the source print publication in the Library
  • The publishers must not have opted out of the licence
  • All scanning must be reported to the CLA*
  • All scans must contain a cover sheet*
  • All scans must be made available via a password protected environment

*Due to these restrictions, all scanning is done centrally by the Library.  Please see Copyright and Scanning under the CLA licence for further information.

For photocopying please see Copyright and Printed Course Packs.

If you wish to make use of materials other than printed books, journals and magazines, please see Copyright and Other University Licences.
If you wish to deliver materials to students via an eReader, please see the guidance contained within Copyright and eReaders.

eBooks and eJournals

To link to our eJournals or eBooks, visit our information on how to use readinglists@Leicester - the University's electronic reading list system and how to link from Blackboard.

If you wish to make printed copies of any of this material please contact the Copyright Service before doing so as there are some restrictions on what you can copy.

The following site provides a good overview of various aspects of copyright in the UK:

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