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About historical research with digital resources

Using visual sources

How can we use visual material in research? What are the principles and caveats one needs to be aware of, when attempting to draw conclusions from analyses of photographs, maps, and plans? Gillian Murray of the Centre for Urban History, University of Leicester, shares her knowledge. This is a condensed version of Gillian's talk; the full version is below.

Using visual sources in historical research on Vimeo. This is the full version of Gillian's talk.

Using oral testimony in research


How to use oral testimony in historical research - .mp3 University of Leicester Urban History instructor Colin Hyde explains simple principles in using and analysing recorded interviews as part of historical research.


About the knitwear and hosiery industry

Glossary of Terms about the Knitwear and Hosiery Industry

Glossary pic

Glossary of Terms about the Knitwear and Hosiery Industry - pdf - Glossary of terms from the book Knitting Together: Memories of Leicester's hosiery industry, 1990.

Framework Knitting Demonstration

Demonstration of framework knitting by one of the few people today -- Martin Green -- who know how to operate the frame, working in his workshop and explaining how the machine works. This video is available from MyLeicestershire here under a CC-BY-NC-ND license.



About creating, using, and re-using creative learning resources


How to create a map-based virtual tour in Prezi - .doc Simple instructions on how to use the online presenting tool Prezi along with maps and photos to create an online virtual tour.

 ereader How to create e-books for e-readers - .doc Simple instructions for creating e-books in various formats, for various e-readers.

How to make and adapt a pdf
How to make and adapt an interactive pdf that acts like an app - .pdf Instructions to create a Powerpoint show with clever internal hyperlinks, and save as a pdf so that it works on a variety of handheld devices.

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