Conservation and Urban Regeneration


Dr Rebecca Madgin describing issues of conservation and regeneration with examples of Leicester's Pex Building and the Liberty Building.

This topic explores the concepts of preservation, conservation and heritage in the context of saving the British city.

Why do we study history?

What is interesting about the past?

These questions can be answered through examining how and why cities change over time and the extent to which historic buildings are retained or have ensured that the cities we work, live and play in contain a number of valuable historic buildings and allow us to read the history of the city through not just the textbook, but also by walking the streets and observing the layers of history apparent in the built environment.

Learning resources


Liberty Building Video - combining interview of a Leicester resident commenting on the Liberty statue and the loss of the building, with photos from Colin Hyde, Joan Skinner, and others.


Downloadable file version of The Liberty Building Video - .mp4, 13 MB (Can be played with Quicktime or VLC)


Liberty Building Photos by Skinner - Combines two sets of photographs by Joan Skinner, of the rarely-seen interior and exterior of the Liberty Building.


Downloadable file version of The Liberty Building - Video - .mp4, 13 MB (Can be played with Quicktime or VLC)


Liberty Timeline App - .pdf - Powerpoint .pps - A clickable, interactive timeline of the key dates in the history of the Liberty Factory, from 1880 to the early 2000s. The .pdf version is highly recommended for tablet computers and smartphones, and also works on any computer with any pdf reader.The .pps version is highly recommended for use with Powerpoint. 

Builders Thumb 

British Builder article about the Liberty Building - .pdf - .epub - .mobi Trade journal article from British Builder Magazine, about the construction of the Liberty Factory. Includes photos and architectural drawings.


Funeral service for Alderman Samuel Lennard, founder of Liberty Shoes - .pdf - Funeral service for Alderman Samuel Lennard (Mayor of Leicester) - 1901. An address delivered in Leicester by Rev. F.B. Meyer, B.A.

Donisthorpe Friars Thumb

 Donisthorpe - Friars Mill Timeline App - Powerpoint saved as .pdf. A clickable and interactive timeline of the key dates of the Donisthorpe Friars Mill building, from 1220 through 2012.

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