Using University of Leicester Styles with RefWorks

If you are using the University of Leicester specific referencing styles University of Leicester Author-Date (Harvard) or University of Leicester Footnote, these are supported with styles in RefWorks.  There is a list of recommended referencing style for undergraduate and postgraduate (taught) students by department available. 

If you find any problems with these styles, please let us know.

Remember that you are responsible for your referencing.  RefWorks is a tool that can help, but you need to make sure you are happy with your references before submitting your work.

Please be aware – there are some known limitations to the University of Leicester Footnote style in RefWorks.
Full stops are displayed at the end of each reference.  If you add page numbers to references, these will appear after the full stops.  You will need to manually delete the full stops before submitting your work.   
There are no short title options in RefWorks.  Subsequent reference titles will display in italics regardless of how they were displayed in the first reference.  EndNote is able to handle subsequent references better than RefWorks  There is also an EndNote University of Leicester Footnote style.

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