Moving to new RefWorks

As of February 2019, our information is that RefWorks plan to support Legacy RefWorks indefinitely.  Therefore, there is no need to change to New RefWorks.  We do not recommend changing part way through any project.

If you do want to change to New RefWorks, here is how to transfer your references.

Once you have created your new RefWorks account, it is very simple to transfer your references in from Legacy RefWorks.

Click the + sign and choose 'Import references'.

Import references










Click RefWorks

Choose RefWorks






Click Authorise to be redirected to Legacy RefWorks.

Authorise legacy RefWorks






Enter your Legacy RefWorks username and password and click Login.

Log in to legacy RefWorks

Your references will be transferred into your new RefWorks account.

Import complete

Visit this page to find out how to import references from other sources.

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