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How do I join the Library and get a Library card?

You do not need to join the Library. Your combined University/Library card is produced when you register for your course and your details are automatically downloaded to your Library account. We do not issue or renew University cards in the Library.
(More information about your University Card)

What does my membership of the Library allow me to do?

You can borrow books and use the Digital Library (i.e. eJournals, eBooks and databases). You will need your University IT account to access the Digital Library.
If you are a registered distance learner or part-time research student you may use our Distance Learning services. Postgraduate students are automatically entitled to Inter-Library Loans.

How many books may I borrow?

Those studying 3 months or more:

Type of studentLoan allowance
Undergraduate 30
Taught Postgraduate 30
Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) 40
Research Postgraduate 40
Certificate Students 20

Those studying less than 3 months may borrow up to 12 items.

Those studying 3 days or less may use the Library for reference.

Distance Learning Students may request books by postal loan up to their loan entitlement listed above.

When does my Library membership end?

You will be able to borrow books until the end of your course, or until 18 days before this if you graduate in June. Your course end date is set by the University. If you are an undergraduate or taught postgraduate student you will then be able to continue to use your University card for reference access until your University IT account ends.

I have not completed my course and still need to borrow books. What should I do?

Whilst we will do our best to help you we are unable to renew your University card or extend your student Library account. This information has to be changed on the central student record system so please contact Registry or the Graduate Office.

I have been accepted for a degree or higher degree but have not yet registered as a student. Can I join the Library?

You may apply for a Reference card free of charge, or pay for an External Borrowing card which allows you to borrow up to four items (excluding short loan). The cost is £20 for 3 months. You will not be eligible to use the Digital Library.

I am a visiting student can I join the Library?

If you are a visiting or elective student and located within a University of Leicester Academic Department but not registered on a University of Leicester course you need to apply via your Department to receive a University card from Registry.

I have graduated can I still use the Library?

If you have graduated from the University of Leicester or are an Honorary Graduate you are welcome to apply for Alumni membership.

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