Update your list and system rollover

Information about updating your list and system rollover

Each year your reading list will be rolled over - that is we will create a draft copy for the next academic year.  We recommend you review your draft list before the start of each academic year to ensure it is up to date. You can then submit any new digitisation requests. You can request books that are not in the Library, including new editions, by adding new bookmarks.

Reading lists are rolled over annually in preparation for the next academic year to ensure that the content is current. The rollover process takes place during the summer and we will contact you with further details when this is taking place.

What will happen?

Once your list has been rolled over you will receive an email to say your list is now in draft format for the next academic year. You have 2 options:

1. If no changes need to be made you can republish your list.

2. If you want to make changes you can edit your list and publish it.

Rollover of reading lists

If you have any questions about this process then please contact us on librarians@le.ac.uk

What will happen to your current list?

The list for this current academic year will remain published and live.  This will allow students to retain access to all reading lists throughout their degree.  Digitised readings will not be accessible from this list.

Please read if you have digitisations on your list

A rollover of digitised items will take place following the reading list rollover.  This has to be done separately as a variety of copyright checks have to be completed and can take up to six weeks.

You can continue to edit and publish lists during the digitisation rollover but please ensure you do not delete bookmarks to which digitisations are attached unless you no longer need them.

You will be contacted if any changes to the digitisations need to be made, or if permission is required to continue their use.

You will not receive notification when items are successfully rolled over but you should check your list nearer to the start of the Semester and raise any queries with the Copyright Team in good time – copyright@le.ac.uk


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