Evaluate your list

How to access statistics on your list and make changes

Once your list has been published you are able to look at statistics on its use, for example, how often it has been viewed and how often different resources have been clicked on.  To access these statistics, open your list, sign in on the top right of the screen, then click on 'Dashboard' (at the top of your list).

You can make changes at any point of the year to the structure of your reading list.  If you add any additional resources to your list you must re-publish your list. This makes the changes live and informs the Library of the changes you have made.  Please be aware that if you add new books to a list, it can take some time for these to be received and available to borrow from the Library.  There are deadlines for digitisation requests.

If you need to remove items from the list, make sure you are in edit view, then click 'remove' on the right-hand side of each bookmark.

For modules starting in Semester 1 please submit your revised reading list by August. For Semester 2 please submit your revised reading list by November.


Visit readinglists@Leicester