Link your list to Blackboard

How to link to your reading list from Blackboard

If you wish to link to multiple reading lists from one Blackboard course site, copy and paste the link to the list, do not use the Blackboard linking tool as described below as this will cause problems with accessing digitised readings.

2018-9 interface

Once your reading list is published it should automatically appear in your Blackboard module:

Blackboard new


It should be embedded like this:

Blackboard new 2

If your list is not showing in your Blackboard module, please contact the library for help and advice.

Pre-2018-9 courses

New Blackboard courses which are based on the standard University template automatically include a ‘Reading list’ building block.  It may be on the home page of the module.


or you may have to click on a Reading List link on the left hand side navigation menu to see the building block.  The ‘Reading list’ link might be hidden from students.


You must publish and link your list to the hierarchy in order for it to appear in the reading list building block. When your reading list is ready for students to use, make the Reading list link visible in the left hand side navigation menu.


Older courses

Recommended option: Add a link called ‘Reading list’ to your left hand side navigation menu

This option ensures that the link to your reading list is very visible.

    1. Click on the + icon at the top of the left hand navigation menu and select ‘Module page’ from the options displayed.  Call the ‘Module page’ Reading list.
    2. On your new Reading list module page, click on Add Course Module at top left.  Click on ‘Reading list’ in the list displayed to choose the linking tool.
    3. Your Reading List module page now contains a box with the heading ‘Reading list’.

    Blackboard reading list link

    4. If you have a published reading list on readinglists@Leicester for this module that is linked to the hierarchy, a link to it should be automatically created here.


    Alternative option: Copy and paste a link to your reading list

    You can link to your reading list on readinglists@Leicester by copying and pasting its URL to any page in Blackboard.


    If you have a published reading list that is linked to the hierarchy and use the Blackboard linking tool, a link to it should automatically be created.  The module number of your course on Blackboard and the module number used for your reading list on readinglists@Leicester must be exactly the same for this to work.  If they are not, contact to edit the code on readinglists@Leicester so that it matches your Blackboard course code.

    You may find if you are working on a Blackboard page that has not yet rolled over to the new academic year that the linking tool does not work. Once Blackboard has rolled over your reading list should appear as expected.

    Help for students

    The Library has produced online help for students which can be found here.  You may want to link to this help on your Blackboard site.


    Visit readinglists@Leicester