Request digitisations

How to request digitisations of items on readinglists@Leicester

Please note: the 'Request Digitisation' link will not work if you have used the 'Quick Add Book' button to bookmark items.

Before clicking on ‘Request Digitisation’ you will need to ensure you have followed the instructions on how to set up and add items to your reading lists.

To request new digitisations:

  • Click 'Edit' then 'Edit List' to go into the edit view:

Edit list

  • Click on the ‘Request Digitisation’ button next to the reading
  • Complete the forms that appear. 


  • Most fields will self-populate; complete any fields which remain blank. Click on ‘Next Step’ to progress through the forms.
  •   Adding pages ranges:
    • If you know the page range for the chapter/article you are requesting, please add these into the appropriate field under Section of a book, not the Notes page.The Notes page is not for inputting multiple page ranges and may affect how your request is handled
    • If there are pages with references or notes relating to the chapter which are outside of the chapter page range, please add this information into the Notes page

In the final screen ensure your contact details are correct and click on submit.

If you have not completed all the required fields, or the request dates are incorrect, you will receive the response that your request cannot be submitted.  The relevant screen tab will be highlighted in red, please amend the details and resubmit the request.

  • Please do not submit requests for items held as eBooks or eJournals. The system will automatically reject these and you will need to link to these items directly from the reading list.

Points to note

  • The licence under which we scan restricts us to one chapter or article/10% of a single print publication.  Please do not submit requests that exceed this limit
  • If the system cannot ascertain whether we hold the item it will automatically refer the request to the copyright team.  It may do this even if we hold the item, don’t worry, the copyright team will check this
  • If the item is not covered by the scanning licence you will receive the following message

This request cannot be immediately serviced under the terms of your institution's CLA licence. It has been sent for review and the Library's digitisation team will be in touch in due course.

  • You then have the option of submitting the request anyway, along with a note as to why the item is required.  Please note that for items falling outside the licence it can usually take 6-8 weeks to gain permission and that any permission costs will be recharged to the department.
  • The system may present you with newer editions of the work.  These are split into editions the library holds, and editions it doesn't hold. You can either choose to select this newer edition if the library holds the item, or you can submit the original request.

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