Share your reading list with colleagues

How to share your reading list with colleagues

readinglists@Leicester allows you to share your list with other members of staff so multiple people can edit and maintain the same list.

Lists can be shared at the draft stage and at the published stage. However, as a list can be edited by multiple people simultaneously, ensure that you and your colleagues are not working on the same list at the same time.

Share a draft list

1. Find the list and go into the edit view

2. Copy the URL and send this to the person you want to have access to this draft list.

3. The recipient then needs to click on the link. This will prompt them to log into readinglists@Leicester.

4. The recipient needs to click 'Add to my lists' in the top right hand corner. This adds the list to the My Lists section, allowing them to go in and edit the list. They no longer need to rely on the URL you have sent them.

Share a published version of your list

If your list is already published a member of staff can search for it and add it to their My Lists section themselves, by clicking ‘Add to My Lists’ in the top right hand corner of the list.


Visit readinglists@Leicester