Create a reading list

How to create reading lists on readinglists@Leicester


Once you are logged into readinglists@Leicester, click on My Lists, then click on Create new list on the right of the screen:

Fill out the form.


List Name - we recommend including the module code and module title in the list name e.g. AB1234 Introduction to Research Methods. If your module is a Distance Learning module, please add (DL) at the end of the name.

Description – this is an optional field.

Hierarchy - click 'Select Hierarchy', search for your module code, select it and click Save. The hierarchy is the directory of modules; linking to it allows you to request digitisations of materials and easily link your list to Blackboard. You should also add Anticipated Student Numbers at this stage if you know them. We use student numbers to determine how many copies of essential readings to purchase.

Date – select the time period your module is running in.

Click 'Create List' once the form is completed.


You will then be asked who the owner of the list is.  If you are leading the module, click on I am List Owner.  If you are creating the list for someone else, click on Search for List Owner (if they are already set up on readinglists@Leicester) or Decide Later (if they have not yet been set up on the system).

List owner box

Your reading list has now been created.


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