Open Access Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What open access policies should I be aware of?

Open access (OA) requirements will be listed in policies introduced by: the University of Leicester, HEFCE (REF2021 eligibility criteria) and funders of the research. You can explore them all on our Policies page.

Do I need to make all publication Open Access since the REF2014?

In order to be eligible for REF2021, all journal articles and conference proceedings with ISSN accepted for publication on or after 1st of April 2016 must be made OA.

The University of Leicester asks for all research outputs to be deposited via IRIS.

Funders requirements do vary, please check our policies website for detailed information.

How do I deposit my article?

You should use IRIS system to upload all your publications with minimal bibliographic information. Simply log in with your university username and password, click one of the 3 available buttons prompting the deposit, fill in the required fields and attach the file. There is a PDF guide available to help you through the process.

What is the difference between IRIS and LRA?

IRIS is the University’s internal Current Research Information System, holding a record of all research activity (e.g. grants, publications and teaching activity) and is used for generating wide range of reports. LRA (Leicester Research Archive) is a public facing system, providing access to deposited resources and showcasing research at Leicester.

When I upload my publication to IRIS, does it automatically become publicly available?

No, once you upload the file it enters our workflow. Our LRA team will first check the version of the file, journal policy, copyright and set the embargo period if applicable.

What is an author accepted manuscript?

The Author Accepted Manuscript (AAM) is the post-peer review version of a manuscript that is accepted by the publisher for publication. This is usually before the publisher has done the final editing and typesetting.

I don’t have the final version, one of my co-author does. What should I do?

Please request the final submitted version from your co-author.

Do all co-authors at Leicester have to submit the manuscript?

No, as soon as one of the co-authors at Leicester submits the publication and lists all others, the publication will show in your profile. You will need to review it and either accept or reject from ‘pending publications’ list.

The publisher’s version of record visually is much better than accepted manuscript. Why can’t I deposit the publisher’s version of record when choosing green OA?

Most publishers will not allow the deposit of the version of record as they own a copyright of the type-setting and formatting outcome of your manuscript. However, the author’s accepted manuscript still has the same content and differences are limited to appearance of the document and if you wish, you may format your author’s final version to make it more aesthetically pleasing.

Do I need to deposit my paper in LRA if I have my publications in subject repositories?

Yes. The University of Leicester OA policy states that all papers should be deposited in LRA. It will assure the accuracy of our reports for the REF2021 and funders. Also depositing in LRA ensures the long term preservation of the deposited publication.

Does sharing the publication on my private website meet the HEFCE requirement?

No. Papers should be deposited in LRA to ensure the eligibility for the REF2021 and compliance with the University policies.

Will I receive confirmation when my file becomes publicly available?

No, we will contact you only if there is a problem with the deposit.

What mechanisms are available if there is a copyright infringement reported?

The University has an immediate take down policy. However, our LRA team is doing its best to reduce the risk of such incidents and our Copyright Service can offer information on all aspects of copyright.

Can I deposit data in LRA?

The University of Leicester has launched a Figshare-powered digital research data repository. For further information see Research Data Management and Support or contact researchdata@leicester.ac.uk.

Is it possible to make book chapter OA?

Yes, however you will need to check with your publisher for necessary permissions. Please note: in terms of REF2021, monographs are not within the scope of the policy.

What can I deposit in LRA?

We are happy to take a wide range of research outputs e.g. reports, research posters, presentations, etc. However the priority will be given to journal articles and conference proceedings to help researchers meet the eligibility for the REF2021.

The journal of choice is non-compliant with the REF2021 OA policy, what can I do?

REF2021 policy listed a number of exceptions, please deposit the accepted manuscript in LRA and contact RED or your REF coordinator to explore the available options.

The co-authors of my publication are based in other UK institutions, can I still deposit in LRA?

Yes, depositing your article in institutional repository does not count as publication process, also it acts as an additional precaution against missing the deposit deadlines introduced by OA policies.

What are the ‘gold’ and ‘green’?

There are two routes to make your publication OA:

  • When you choose gold, you must pay the fee (APC) and the publisher will make your paper Open Access immediately upon publication from their web site.
  • Green open access, the self-archiving option does not incur any fees. Deposit a local copy of your final manuscript (post peer review), using IRIS.  The Library will make it Open Access after an embargo period agreed with your publisher.
  • What is an embargo period?

    During an embargo only bibliographic details of the deposited article are discoverable in LRA and the full version of the article is accessible only via subscription to the journal. Embargo period varies between the publishers.

    Do I need to do something at the end of embargo period?

    No, the embargo lifts automatically, releasing the deposited version for public access.

    Can the publication and the bibliographic information be restricted till publication date?

    Yes, if you would like us to deposit and hide the bibliographic information (metadata) or parts of it, please leave us a note while depositing or simply get in touch via email.

    How would others discover my article in LRA?

    One could search the LRA, or simply search for given publication in Google Scholar. Other sites may aggregate some of our records and make them discoverable from their sites too.

    How can I replace the accepted manuscript with the publisher version of record?

    If you believe we can make the version of record available, for example if you have chosen a gold route or the journal allows this according to SHERPA/RoMEO, please send it to us via IRIS in the same way as you would upload a final author version. More than one file can be uploaded so you could send us your final author version on acceptance and then the publisher version later.

    What is an APC?

    An Article Processing Charge (APC) is the fee payable to the journals to make an article open access immediately via the “gold” route rather than the “green” route which usually has an embargo. The amount varies between publishers.

    Is there institutional fund available to pay APCs?

    The University receives block grants from RCUK and Charity Open Access Fund (COAF) which is available on first come first served basis for researchers funded by the aforementioned funders. Please use our online form to apply for the funding.

    I chose gold open access. Do I still have to deposit my publication in LRA?

    Yes, please deposit accepted or publisher version of record to comply with the University policy.

    How do I apply for funding?

    On submission please fill in the form available on our funding page.  LRA team will review your application and inform you on the decision as soon as possible. Please make sure you apply at submission as we operate on first come first served basis and can’t guarantee the funds will be still available at the later date.

    My publication was rejected but I am re-submitting it to another journal. Do I need to apply for the funding again?

    No you don’t have to as the funds were reserved for you. However, please update us by sending an email to openaccess@le.ac.uk.

    Do I have to pay to publish?

    You only need to pay if you choose the Gold open access option. The green, self-archiving route does not involve any fees.

    I am having difficulty, who can I contact?

    You can get in touch with your Departmental Administrator, IRIS support (irissupport@leicester.ac.uk) or the open access team at openaccess@le.ac.uk.

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