Manage your research identity

Making and managing a unique research identity

Leicester's corporate address policy

The University's Policy on Institutional Affiliation in Research Publications states that all University authors must cite University of Leicester, Department of X as their institutional research base when recording their affiliation in research articles, conference papers and other publications, irrespective of where the affiliation actually appears in the publication.

Keeping your publication list up-to-date on your webpage

You can use IRIS to Web to publish your IRIS research information on your website.

Researcher identifiers

Rather than just using your name, which may be the same or similar to another's, you can link your papers to an unique identifier which refers to you wherever you work.  We have created a short presentation that shows you how to actively manage your researcher identity with the major citation services:

Don't lose credit for your research! [12 minutes]

Research identifiers from the major citation services

Find out more about ORCID [4 minutes]  

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