Maximise your citation impact

Practical tips to raise your digital visibility and increase your chances of your work being cited

Simple ways to maximise your citation count

There is ultimately no substitute for quality, but here are some simple things you can do to maximise your chances of citation, enhancing your career as well as the University's standing:  Thousands of citation analysis studies have been published and these offer a lot of insight into the factors that drive citations independent of an article's intrinsic quality.  The Library's research services team has synthesised these insights in a handy leaflet:

Twelve simple ways to maximise your citation count [leaflet]

For more information or help on maximising your citation impact, please contact the Research Services team:

Don't lose credit for your work: use researcher identifiers

Researchers' names are often recorded slightly differently on journal articles: Pearson, John; Pearson, J.; or Pearson, J.S. making it impossible to guarantee that these are one and the same person.  The issues multiply when you consider changes of name, common surnames such as Smith, Park or Wang, or complex Spanish surnames.

The Library has created an overview of the main services that exist to disambiguate author names in the scholarly literature:

Don't lose credit for your research! [12 minutes]

Use web tools to increase your visibility

A number of tools are now available that help you to identify relevant information, network with fellow academics, organise your research material, and disseminate your work.  This presentation shows you how you can raise your digital profile.

Discover web tools for researchers [Prezi presentation]

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