Make research information come to you

Keep up to date with the latest research as it is published.
This set of online resources mirrors our face to face ‘Making research information come to you' workshop for PhD students

Digital icon - ipad and mobile - redBefore starting it might be helpful to look at our resource: Plan and conduct your literature search

  1. What works best for you? video [Video, 3 minutes]
    Consider the types of information you need to receive, where you will be working and what devices you will use. Find out the difference between search alerts and RSS feeds.

  2. How do I set up RSS feeds? video [Video, 3 minutes]
    A quick guide to setting up and reading RSS feeds from one of the major databases. For more about web-based RSS readers, take a look at our blog.

  3. How do I set up search alerts? video [Video, 2 minutes]
    If you want to receive information by email, there are many databases which offer this and our quick tutorial will show you how. Our blog also offers a guide to setting up alerts on Arts & Humanities databases and STEM databases

  4. Stay up to date with journal table of contents video [Video, 3 minutes]
    Find out why this is useful and learn more about Zetoc, a service for alerting you to new table of contents.You can also read more about setting up alerts for journal table of contents on our blog

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