Useful Information about the Library

Introduction to the Library

Studying at the Library

Library opening hours

Joining the library

    When you register with the University you automatically become a member of the library.  Your department will give you a student card.  This is also your library card. Further information is provided in the Joining the Library section.

Library jargon explained

  • An audio-visual version of the Library Glossary.  Click on any word to not only read but also hear its pronunciation and definition.

Finding and borrowing items

  • We have books, journals, DVDs, videos and CDs which you can borrow.  They are on open-access shelves.  You do not have to ask for them, you can get them yourself. View the Borrowing section for more information.
  • If you want to borrow an item, you issue it to your student card using a self-issue machine on the ground floor.  When you have finished with the item you return it on the ground floor using a self-return machine. View more information about how to return items.

Finding information about your country

  • You may be able to find information about your own country for your assignments.  This guide will give you tips on how to do so.


  • Sometimes lots of people want to use an item at the same time.  We have a system where you can request an item which someone else has borrowed.
  • You will receive an email when your requested books are available to collect from the Express Zone on the ground floor.

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