Access to Journal Articles and Book Chapters

Start from the Library homepage

Beginning a search on the Library homepage will save you time as you will be prompted to login with your University IT account automatically.

If you want to search by article title or keywords use the Library Search on the Library homepage.  If you would prefer to view all articles in a particular journal or issue, use the Journals A-Z to search using the journal title.

To find details of additional articles that are not on your reading list, use the specialist databases listed on the My Subject pages.  Once you have found items in databases you will either be able to view the full text or click on the ‘Leicester eLink’ button against the items to see if they are available from the Library.

Access to articles and chapters that are not available online

If the article or chapter you wish to read is not available online:

  • The Library will supply scanned copies of journal articles and book chapters held at the library in print. This service is for Distance Learning students only.
  • If the book chapter or journal article you require is not held by the library we will try to source a copy for you from another library.

Please follow the instructions below to request a journal article or book chapter.

Under UK copyright law the Library is allowed to copy no more than one article from a single journal part/issue or one chapter from a book.

Please note that we do not supply items that are available electronically to off campus users with Internet access. Check availability yourself via the Library Search.


To request a journal article or book chapter held by the library

To use this service you must already have the details of the articles or books you require. You may have these from reading lists, citations from other articles or you may have found some references from a range of electronic resources.

The more details you provide, the more likely you are to receive the copy quickly.

You may find the following video helpful - Print copies for Distance Learners video.

Step one: Log into your Library account.

Step two: Using the Library catalogue search for the title of the book or print journal from which you require a digitisation.

Step three: Locate the publication from the list and click on Get It.

Step four: Click on Get a chapter or article.

Step five: Click on Partial.

Step six: Input the chapter or article details in the Part to Digitise box. Please note that due to UK copyright law we can only digitise one chapter/one article.

Step seven: Enter a date in the Not needed by field only if there is a date by which you no longer require the item. Please note – your request will expire after this date.

Step eight: Click on Request. You should receive confirmation that your request has been placed. If the publication is out on loan and/or there are a number of requests for this book before yours, your place in the queue will be indicated. Your request will normally be processed within 24 working hours (Monday - Friday), or first thing on a Monday for requests made over the weekend.


To request a journal article or book chapter not held by the library

Step One: Open the request form and log in with your IT username and password..

Step Two: Complete the form as directed, giving as much information as possible.

Step Three: Click on the Submit Request button.

Your request will normally be processed within 24 working hours (Monday - Friday), or first thing on a Monday for requests made over the weekend. A maximum of 10 requests may be placed made at one time (24hr period).

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