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GraduatesWhat is dissertations@Leicester?

dissertations@Leicester can provide your students with examples of dissertations which other students have submitted in recent years.

Are all dissertations available?

No.  Only selected dissertations are included.  Dissertations are usually selected because they have been awarded high marks.  You and your academic department decide which dissertations submitted by your students are made available from dissertations@Leicester.

How are the dissertations organised?

You can browse the dissertations by department and then by degree programme.  You can also search using keywords.

Why are there no dissertations included for my department?

dissertations@Leicester is a new system.  Only a few departments are contributing to it at present.  However, this is expected to increase significantly over the coming year.

How can my department get involved?

Please contact your librarian in the first instance.

We will need your department to nominate one or more members of staff to submit dissertations to the system.  Adding a dissertation to the system means filling out a short form for each dissertation and uploading a copy.  The Library provides training and support and also checks the details for each dissertation before making it available.

How do I get help when I'm using the system?

Please read our guide to submitting dissertationspdf.gif.  You can also email us at dissertations@le.ac.uk with specific queries.

Do students need to agree to their dissertation being put in dissertations@Leicester?

Yes.  Students own the copyright in their dissertations.  As part of submitting their dissertation, you need to ask your students to sign an agreement pdf.gif which gives the University permission to put a copy in dissertations@Leicester and to make that copy available to other students and staff at the University.  Please note that:

  • the student still owns the copyright in her/his dissertation
  • only University students and staff can access dissertations@Leicester (they must log in using a personal, University IT account and username)
  • the copy of the dissertation can only be used for personal research and study

Do students need permission to include copies of pictures and other sources in their dissertation?

Students should seek permission from the copyright owner before copying a substantial part of their creation or if copying it in its entirety.  This can commonly be the case with pictures.  Please read our Copyright tips for your dissertation pdf.gif for further information.

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