MarketingWelcome to the My Subject page for Marketing.

This page highlights the most important information resources available to you.



Key Resources

Consumer Reports

  • Mintel
    @ 150 UK market reports from the world’s leading market intelligence agency.
  • Passport
    Statistics on markets, consumer behaviour and demographics, plus macroeconomic data and company, market and country reports.  Global coverage.

Advertising Databases

Useful Websites

  • AdBusters
    A not-for-profit magazine which campaigns against corporate disinformation, injustices in the global economy, and any industry that pollutes.
  • The Times Marketing Case Studies
    Business case studies which show how business and marketing work.  Aimed at school students.

Books and eBooks



  • Marketing books are at 658.8 on Floor 2 (yellow zone) of the David Wilson Library. Advertising books are at 659.
  • Books and eBooks can be found using Library Search.

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