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Key Resources

Educational Research based in the UK

    The Centre for Educational Development, Appraisal and Research is based at the University of Warwick and undertakes a wide range of research from pre-school to higher education and continuing professional development.
    The Centre for the Use of Research and Evidence in Education links academics and practitioners by promoting the use of evidence informed educational policy and practice.
  • DENI Research
    Statistics produced by the Department for Education in Northern Ireland.
  • National Foundation for Education Research
    The UK’s largest independent provider of research, assessment and information services for education, training and children’s services.
  • University of Sussex
    The Education Department hosts four research centres.

Educational Research based outside the UK

  • ACER
    The Australian Council for Educational Research creates and distributes research and supports education policy makers and practitioners.
  • EERA
    The European Educational Research Association encourages collaboration amongst educational researchers in Europe, and aims to disseminate and highlight the findings of educational research.
  • EURYDICE Network
    Provides information on and analysis of European education systems and policies.
    The New Zealand Council for Educational Research conducts research and provides research based knowledge, advice and services to everyone with an interest in education.
  • OECD Education
    The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development carries out thematic reviews in specific policy areas and collects detailed statistical information on education.
  • WCER
    The Winsconsin Centre for Educational Research is one of the oldest and largest education research centres in the world and conducts basic and applied research on American education.

Open Access

Free access to the intellectual output of academic departments in the UK and worldwide.

EdD and part-time PhD

  • You are entitled to use the distance learning service from the Library.  This includes postal loans and photocopies.
  • There are some tutorials to remind you how you might use this service.

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