Security and Risk - Disaster and Emergency

A guide to key information sources for security, risk and emergency management.

Welcome to the My Subject page for Security, Risk and Emergency Management. It highlights some of the key resources for your subject area, and includes sections on key databases, books and ebooks, health and safety, security and risk, emergency management, and humanitarian work.

You will also find further information for specific areas of security, risk and disaster management on the following pages:


Key Databases

Books and eBooks

  • Business Management: 658 (Floor 2 Yellow Zone)
  • Risk Management: 658.155 (Floor 2 Yellow Zone)
  • Emergency Management: 363.1 (Floor 1 Blue Zone)
  • Security Studies: 355 (Floor 1 Blue Zone)
  • Terrorism and Counter-terrorism: 363.325 (Floor 1 Blue Zone)
  • Sage Knowledge eBooks
    200+ full-text ebooks in criminology and criminal justice subject area.

Health and Safety

Security and Risk



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