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General resources are listed on the Biological Sciences page.  This page highlights the most important information resources available in biology, botany and ecology.  Resources covering genetics are listed on the Genetics page.


Key Resources

Biology in general


  • Catalogue of Life
    Catalague of species, including accepted scientific name and synonyms, links to literature and data sources, and to online resources.
  • Encyclopedia of Life
    Working towards an electronic page for every species on earth.
  • Kew Databases
    Catalogues of Kew's collections, indexes of plant names, and the Electronic Plant Information Centre (ePIC), which searches names, species information and the literature.
  • Linnean Collections
    Linnean Society of London.
  • Tree of Life
    Information about biodiversity, characteristics of different groups of organisms and their evolutionary history.


Specific to the study of Arabidopsis thaliana are GARNet and the Arabidopsis Book

Zoology, Biodiversity and Ecology


Check that the conditions of use allow you to use the image for your intended purpose.   Other sites listed elsewhere on this page may also include images.


  • Index to Organism Names
    Index of names, with taxonomic names and links to recent literature.  Not complete yet for viruses, bacteria and plants.
  • Nomenclator Zoologicus
    A list of names of genera and subgenera from the 10th edition of Linnaeus, from 1758 to 2004.

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