Neuberg Collection

Victor Neuberg 1924-1996

NeubergVictor Neuberg (1924-1996) was a lecturer in the School of Librarianship at North Western Polytechnic (now London Metropolitan University) between 1967 and 1986. His principal area of interest and research was nineteenth century popular culture and literature and his publications include works on English and American chapbooks, the development of mass education and a traveller's guide to the Western Front. In 1983 he prepared a memoir about his father, also called Victor, who had been an early member of the Theosophical Society and an intimate friend of Aleister Crowley. The memoir was used to accompany an exhibition he arranged at Islington Central Library.

Apart from his teaching and publishing interests Victor Neuberg had an enduring interest in the history of secularism and radical freethinking, subjects which are represented in the collection now housed in the University Library. This includes books and periodicals concerning issues of religion and atheism, material by and about Charles Bradlaugh and Annie Besant as well as older material relating to Socinianism, Unitarianism and Deism in the late seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

The collection will be of interest to those researching issues of religion and 'free thought', the debates in Victorian Britain on the place of religion in society and the influence of radicalism. The Neuberg Collection also parallels material held in the Gorrie Collection on nineteenth century Socialism, Communism and Anarchism in Leicester.

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