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A Handlist of the Manuscript Collection

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HandlistLeicester University Library has a small collection of manuscripts, varied in subject-matter and origin; although limited in size, the collection nevertheless contains some important archival material which deserves to be better known, both inside the University and in the wider world of scholarship. This guide will, we hope, stimulate interest in the collection and increase the use made of the material.

The modern University of Leicester began life as the Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland College in 1921; some years later the name was changed to University College Leicester and in 1957 the College obtained a Royal Charter entitling it to grant its own degrees. The College did not receive a Treasury grant until 1945, and for the first twenty or more years suffered severe financial difficulties. Thus, although the importance of a good Library was recognised from the outset, there were few funds for the purchase of library materials, and for many years the Library depended to a large extent on the generosity of benefactors. In this it was remarkably fortunate: before the first students were admitted, the College received the magnificent gift of Thomas Hatton's topographical library; later gifts and bequests, notably those of Harry H. Peach and Caleb Robjohns, brought distinction to a small but well-regarded College Library.

Lack of resources, and the reliance on donations and bequests, militated against the emergence of coherent acquisition policies for the Library, especially in the areas of manuscripts and special collections. The bulk of the present manuscript collection derives from unsolicited gifts; since the 1960's, the Library has occasionally purchased material, and a few major donations have been arranged through the good offices of the University's academic staff, but it is not a primary goal of the Library to build up extensive archival collections. The recent (1997) acquisition of the Joe Orton papers is an exception which proves the rule: this major collection has strong local connections, Joe Orton's family wanted the papers to remain in Leicester, and the subject matter, modern English drama, has a direct relevance to the University's teaching and research. Occasional acquisitions of this kind may be expected in the future.

Notwithstanding the somewhat accidental manner in which most of the Library's manuscripts have been acquired, the collection is by no means unimportant. There are some medieval and early modern manuscripts, but it is the later material, until now largely unrecorded outside the Library, which contains perhaps the most interesting areas for future research. Among the items that might be noted are the Thomas Ford papers (MSS 16 and 33-35 inc.), the William Greenfield correspondence (MS 37), the R.B. Dockray papers (MSS 68-71 inc.), the papers of the Sudely Committee (MS 75) and the Norman Lockyer Observatory (MS 76), the political memorabilia of A. Gorrie (MS 81), the Loughborough Parish Library catalogue (hitherto unknown) (MS 152), parts of the Majut papers (MS 201), the Brodie papers (MS 212), and the Laura Riding letters (MS 224). There are other items of equal potential interest, described in the following list.

For many years, the Library gave manuscripts no special treatment, cataloguing them as if they were books, and attributing a Dewey class-number. From the 1960's onwards, the manuscripts were gathered together and housed in a closed access area, but still received only basic 'book' cataloguing. Over the years, the self-evidently 'special' nature of the collection encouraged the inclusion of numerous items which were not, by any conceivable definition, manuscripts, but which were, for various reasons, difficult to place in open-access book collections. By 1995 the so-called Manuscripts Collection numbered 235 items (an item may be a single sheet or many boxes of papers). (It should be noted that the Collection does not include the archives of the University Library itself. At present these are housed in the Library; in due course, they will be weeded and placed in the University Archives alongside other departmental records of the University).

In 1995-1996, there were a number of developments which made the present handlist possible. The University Registrar, who throughout the University's history has retained custody of the archives of the University itself, commissioned a report from the County Archivist of Leicestershire, Mr Carl Harrison, which provided the University with a series of guidelines for the future housing and conservation of its records. Also in 1995, and for the first time in its history, the University was able to appoint (albeit on a part-time basis) a professional archivist, Mrs J.G. Clark, to manage its collections. A little later, and taking due account of these developments, the University Librarian, Dr Timothy Hobbs, asked Brian Burch, his lately retired predecessor, to review the Library's manuscript collection and make recommendations for its future. Finally, in 1996, the Library achieved a long-held ambition to create within the Main Library an area of secure storage for the manuscripts and special collections, together with a small supervised reading room for users of the material.

The outcome of these developments, and following discussions between the Librarian and the University Archivist, was that the Library's manuscript collection was overhauled; inappropriate material was withdrawn or transferred to the book collections, and the handful of collections of papers of members of the University staff was transferred to the University Archives, in line with the Harrison recommendations. This explains the serial numbers in the following list which are no longer used; staff papers transferred are also briefly noted. It was also agreed to prepare the present list, as a joint venture between the University Archivist and the Library.

This list is not a complete index, nor a full calendar, of the Library's manuscript collection: that remains something to be achieved at a later date. It is intended to be an informative guide to the material, providing sufficient information to researchers to lead them to relevant documents. The index to the list includes major topics, and the personal names of donors and commentators as well as all the names and places figuring in the documents themselves. Where printed sources describing documents more fully, or publishing them in full or in part, are known to exist, they have been noted.

Donors are noted where known. Due to earlier deficiencies in the Library's records, the donors of many items are no longer known, although more extensive research might discover some of the lost names. 'Robjohns Bequest' denotes items received from the bequest of Caleb Robjohns, a local book-collector who died in 1929. Robjohns bequeathed such items as the University College desired from his extensive library, and the selection was made by Dr Robert Rattray, the Principal. Most of the material was printed (including a few incunabula, early printed Bibles, etc.), but the collection also included some manuscripts. Robjohns was interested mainly in Christianity (especially nonconformity) and religious history, but he bought widely, often from Harry Peach (see below) and Bernard Halliday, well-known Leicester dealers, whom he also seems to have used as agents at the London and other sale-rooms. Harry H. Peach (1874-1936) was originally a bookseller, who later turned his hand to furniture making, founding Dryad Ltd, a company now known as a supplier of artists' and educational materials. He was a man of wide interests (helping to found the Design Industries Association), and a major benefactor to the University, donating hundreds of printed books, together with a number of manuscripts. Two other important gifts of books also included a few manuscripts, the James Johnson Bequest (1929), and the most important of all the Library's benefactions, the gift of his topographical library by Thomas Hatton, another local businessman (also a sports promoter, and bibliographer), in 1920.

Medieval Manuscripts in British libraries have been exhaustively catalogued by the late Neil Ker. In this list, no attempt has been made to duplicate his expert descriptions, but references to his work should enable users to find more details for themselves. The full citation is as follows:

Ker, N.R. Medieval Manuscripts in British Libraries. III. Lampeter - Oxford. Oxford University Press, 1983.

Access to the Library's manuscript and other special collections is currently available to bona fide enquirers between 9.15 am and 5.00 pm, Mondays to Fridays. The material may be used only in the Special Collections Reading Room in the Main University Library. Non-members of the University should notify the Library in advance if they wish to use manuscript items, preferably by post or e-mail; postal enquiries should be addressed to:

The University Librarian,
Leicester University Library,
PO Box 248,
University Road,
Leicester LE1 9QD.


All readers will be required to register with the Library and proof of identity may be required from non-members of the University.

List of Manuscripts

MS 1 Scrapbook

Scrapbook of autographs, examples of handwriting, relics, portraits relating to ministers, men & women writers, politicians, and others. 19th century. [Unindexed]. 280 x 220 mm. Black leather spine with marbled paper boards. Coloured paper pages, unnumbered. (Robjohns Bequest)

MS 2 Album

Album containing mainly devotional verses and extracts, including translations into various tribal languages, by 19th century British missionaries; other miscellaneous pieces including an unpublished fragment possibly by Lord Byron. [Unindexed]. 190 x 115 mm. Red leather spine & boards with gold tooling. Pages unnumbered. (Robjohns Bequest) Reference. Sullivan, Ernest W. 'A fragment of a possible Byron poem in manuscript.' Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America, vol. 80, pt. 1, 1986, pp.55-73.

MSS 3-4 Autographs

Two volumes of autograph letters, portraits and press cuttings relating to nonconformist ministers (MS 3) and Anglican clergy (MS 4). Mainly 19th century but a few earlier items. [Unindexed]. 2 vols., 395 x 275 mm. Red leather spine & corners with red cloth boards. Pages unnumbered. (Robjohns Bequest)

MS 5 Scrapbook

A volume of letters, portraits and memorabilia of nonconformist ministers and evangelicals, 17th to 19th centuries. Index of names at the front. 440 x 290 mm. Red leather spine and boards with gold tooling; two metal clasps. Pages 1-415 numbered, pages [416-432] unnumbered. (Robjohns Bequest) Reference. Sheppard, C.D.W. 'A new Coleridge letter.' Notes and Queries, vol.223, 1978, pp.222-223.

MS 6 The Beleevers Burden

The Beleevers Burden, and his Rest ... A collection of sermons and prayers; the Address to the Reader signed 'J.B.' and dated 12 Jan. 1670/1. Also signed at the end (possibly in a different hand) 'John Sutton'. 155 x 95 mm. Brown leather with gold lettering. (Repaired in 1979). Pages unnumbered. (Robjohns Bequest)

MS 7 Bible

Bible in Latin, 13th century. Probably English, in small script with blue and red ornament, on parchment. 254 x 180 mm. Leather spine with modern boards. (Rebound August 1907 by J.S. Bates). (Robjohns Bequest. Purchased from Harry H. Peach) Reference. Ker III, pp.82-83.

MS 8 Bible

Bible in Latin, 13th century. Written in England, in small script with blue and red ornament. Three medicinal recipes in English (late 14th century) added at end, together with a 16th century signature 'Fras. Lucas'. 220 x 160 mm. 19th century leather spine & boards. (Robjohns Bequest. Bookplates of Edward Hailstone (1818-1890) and E. Crawshaw) Reference. Ker III, pp.83-84.

MSS 9-10 Bible

Bible in Latin, 13th century. Written in the Low Countries, in a clear script with red and blue ornament; illuminated initial on gold (of St Jerome) on f.1 of MS 9. 2 vols. 190 x 135 mm. 16th century decorated Germanic binding, brown leather on wooden boards. (Robjohns Bequest) Reference. Ker III, pp.84-85.

MSS 11A-11B Gilbertus Porretanus. In Psalterium

In Psalterium (a commentary on the Psalms), by Gilbertus Porretanus, Bishop of Tours (d.1154). Written in England (12th century) in three hands. Clear script with red blue and green ornament. Some illuminated capitals cut out from MS 11A. MS 11B consists of 14 out of 16 leaves missing from MS 11A, found among the effects of P.L. Muschamp and acquired by the University Library in 1965 (see the full note at the front of MS 11B). 2 vols. MS 11A 310 x 225 mm. Modern blue leather binding; MS 11B 330 x 235 mm. Bound in brown cloth 1966. (MS 11A James Johnson Bequest) Reference. Ker III, p.85.

MS 12 Book of Hours

Book of Hours, 14th century, probably written in Flanders. Decorated initials in red, blue and gold. 80 x 55 mm. 18th century green leather binding. (Robjohns Bequest. Leather bookplate of Edward Hailstone (1818-1890)) Reference. Ker III pp.85-86.

MS 13 Book of Hours

Book of Hours, 15th century, written in Italy. Decorated initials, some on gold; ff.14 & 143 historiated. 100 x 75 mm. 19th century leather binding. (Robjohns Bequest) Reference. Ker III p.86.

Photograph of the French Book of Hours
French Book of Hours 15th/16th century






MS 14 Book of Hours

Book of Hours, 15th/16th century, written in France in lettre batarde. Decorated initials in red blue and gold. Four full-page coloured illustrations, possibly 17th century, on ff.1, 8, 33 & 42. Two nearly full-page illustrations on ff.14 & 67. 150 x 110 mm. 18th century red leather binding. (Robjohns Bequest. Printed bookplate of John Lewis Petit (1736-1780)) Reference. Ker III, pp.87-89.


 MS 15 Book of Hours

Book of Hours, 15th century, written in the Low Countries, in Netherlandish. Decorated initials in red and blue throughout; ff.89 & 165 with gold & coloured ornament. 125 x 85 mm. Maroon leather (rebound c.1972). (Robjohns Bequest) Reference. Ker III p.89.

MS 16 Thomas Ford. Notebook

Manuscript notebook of Dr Thomas Ford (1742-1821), Vicar of Melton Mowbray, Leics., 1773-1821, containing notes of his journeys throughout England and Wales. Includes descriptions and comments on towns, scenery and especially churches; references to meetings with friends and family, and to attendance at various musical occasions (including the Three Choirs Festival). Some pen and ink illustrations by Ford. Arranged in sections by county, each with a printed map of the county from John Cary's Atlas, and a list of parishes with their patrons, by Ford. 220 x 140 mm. 19th century red leather binding, rather worn. (Purchased from Hove Public Library c.1955) [See also MSS 33-35.]

MS 17 Gradual

Gradual (book of anthems), 15th century, written in Germany. Decorated initials in gold, green and pink on ff. 1 & 83, and in red, blue and black elsewhere. On vellum, with four paper leaves (17th century) added. 290 x 200 mm. 19th century leather binding with original metal clasps and inscribed corner-pieces. (Robjohns Bequest) Reference. Ker III pp.90-91.

MS 18 Antiphonal

Antiphonal (book of anthems), 16th century, probably written in the Low Countries. Decorated initials in red and black. On vellum. Pastedown and flyleaf at each end from a 12th/13th century French Gradual. 280 x 200 mm. Decorated leather binding on wooden boards, with metal fittings. (Robjohns Bequest) Reference. Ker III pp.91-92.

MS 19 Mark Lane/Bury Street Church of Christ

List of members of the Mark Lane/Bury Street (London) Church of Christ under Isaac Watts, the hymn-writer, (1674-1748) and Samuel Price (c.1676-1756), showing the date of their joining the church, in many cases their addresses, and occasionally their occupations; covering the years 1702-1755. At the back a list of Briefs received at the church 1715-1754. 195 x 155 mm. Paper notebook, bound in vellum. (Robjohns Bequest)

MS 20 Book of Hours

Book of Hours, 15th century, written in France. Gold initial letters decorated in red, pink and blue; decorated margins; one full-page illustration only (f.34), 13 or 14 others probably having been removed. 150 x 110 mm. 18th century blue velvet binding. (Robjohns Bequest) Reference. Ker III pp.92-93.

MS 21 Devotions and Prayers

Book of Devotions and Prayers, 15th/16th century, written in Netherlandish. Decorated gold initials on coloured grounds; decorated margins; three coloured printed woodcuts inserted. Inscribed on the flyleaf 'Mary Anne Fraser / November 1st / 1831' and 'To / Edward Hornor / 1840'. 135 x 100 mm. 19th century leather binding, with spine title 'Missal'. (Robjohns Bequest) Reference. Ker III pp.93-97.

MS 22 Book of Hours

Book of Hours, 15 century, written in the Low Countries, in Netherlandish. Decorated gold initials on coloured grounds, with floral margins, each incorporating a peacock. Two full-page coloured illustrations inserted. 190 x 125 mm. Contemporary leather binding. (Robjohns Bequest) Reference. Ker III p.97.

MS 23 Edward Hyde, Earl of Clarendon. Character Studies.

Character studies copied from Clarendon's History of the Rebellion ... (first published 1704-1707), with 64 engraved portraits of characters from the History. Inscribed on the title-page 'Arabella Maron / Her Book / 1712'. 450 x 220 mm. Red leather binding with gold tooling. (Robjohns Bequest)

MS 24 George Collishaw. Sermons and Hymns

Text of a funeral sermon preached at the Independent Chapel, Melbourn [Derbyshire?] October 1833, with original hymns, by George Collishaw (b. c.1768). Dated on the title-page '1842'. Inscription to Miss H. Tomlinson from the author. 185 x 110 mm. Maroon leather binding with gold tooling. (Robjohns Bequest)

MS 25 Commonplace Book

Notes, extracts, copies and printed cuttings, mainly relating to nonconformist topics, c.1882-1903. Compiler unknown. 225 x 185 mm. Black leather spine with marbled paper boards. (Robjohns Bequest)

MS 26 Declaration against Subscription

Declaration against subscribing to the Articles of the Church of England, unsigned, compiled between 1604 and 1607 [see the reference to Dr Vaughan as Bishop of London, p.132]. Loosely inserted is a four-page Declaration, unsigned and apparently addressed to a Bishop, the pages numbered 7-10. 310 x 200 mm. Paper leaves in a parchment cover. (Robjohns Bequest)MS 27







MS 27 Recipe Book

Book of recipes, mainly culinary with a few medicinal. Inscribed 'Rebecca Dixon Her Book 1804'. A few separate recipes in various hands, loosely inserted. Written from both ends, with an index at the front. 245 x 185 mm. Paper leaves in a vellum binding. (Robjohns Bequest)


 MS 28 Philip Doddridge. Letter, 1735.

Manuscript letter from Philip Doddridge (1702-1751), the nonconformist divine. Written from London, 22 July 1735, to 'My Dear Girl' [? his wife]. Reference to 'Mr Coward [who] puts all his Designs for an Academy on ye issue of my Coming on which he depends if he can secure his Foundation.' [William Coward (d.1738), London merchant, Jamaica planter and patron of nonconformist ministers]. 1 sheet mounted on card, with a separate engraved portrait of Doddridge, undated. (Robjohns Bequest)

MS 29 Philip Doddridge. Letter, 1750.

Manuscript entire letter from Philip Doddridge. Written from Northampton, 19 April 1750, to Mr Samuel Clarke at Bath. [Rev. Samuel Clarke (1684-1750), theological writer and Congregationalist minister]. 1 sheet folded, mounted on card with a separate engraved portrait of Doddridge, undated. (Robjohns Bequest).

MS 30 Documents relating to the reign of Edward III.

Copies of documents relating to the reign of Edward III, partly in Latin, partly in French, written in England in the 15th century. In four sections: ff.1-5r, concerning the Black Prince's principality of Aquitaine, 1362-1365; ff.5v-11r, seven documents concerning English rights in Gascony, 1292-1363; ff.11v-15v, the Treaty of Berwick on Tweed, 1357, and a memorandum on Scottish hostages; ff.15v-16v, outline of events concerning the English claim to Scotland, 1291-1357. Written in secretary hand, with ornamental initials. 290 x 210 mm. 20th century binding. (Robjohns Bequest) Reference. Ker, III, pp.97-98.

MS 31 Reformation of the University of Cambridge & Essex Ministers, 1644.

Copies of proceedings for the reformation of the University of Cambridge by Edward Montagu, 2nd Earl of Manchester (1602-1671) in 1644, together with copies of depositions against some Essex ministers and a list of sequestrations, 1644. Loosely inserted are two receipts for rents received from the 'Lord Cheife Baron Montagu', 1682 and 1684 [i.e. Sir William Montagu, (1619?-1706)]. 298 x 185 mm. Paper leaves, bound in vellum. (Robjohns Bequest)

MS 32 Sequestered Estates.

Index to grants of estates sequestered during the Interregnum. Inscribed 'Phillipps MS 6816' and signed by John Caley (d.1834), Secretary to the first Record Commission. 320 x 185 mm. Vellum spine & marbled paper boards. (Robjohns Bequest)

MS 33 Thomas Ford. Diary of Sermons.

Chronological list of sermons preached by Dr Thomas Ford (1742-1821), including date, place, Biblical text, and occasional personal notes; in Ford's own hand. Includes a chronological list of places where he preached outside his own parish, and an autobiographical statement by Ford. Signed 'Caroline Ford 1821' inside front cover. 210 x 160 mm. Vellum binding. (Purchased from Hove Public Library c.1955) [See also MS 16, which contains references to some of these sermons, and MSS 34-35.]

MS 34 Thomas Ford. Notebook.

Manuscript notebook written by Dr Thomas Ford (1742-1821), containing poems, speeches and literary fragments, mostly dated and by Ford himself; a number relate to public events in Melton Mowbray (Leics.) and district. Text written on the right-hand pages only, in two sequences front-to-back and vice versa. Indexed. 95 x 110 mm. 19th century black leather with gold tooling and initials 'TF' on front. (Purchased from Hove Public Library c.1955) [See also MSS 16, 33 & 35.]

MS 35 Thomas Ford. Sermons.

Sermons written by Dr Thomas Ford (1742-1821), in his own hand. Some annotated to show where and when delivered. Text written on the right-hand pages only, in two sequences front-to-back and vice versa. 195 x 115 m. Brown leather binding, badly worn with front board detached. (Purchased from Hove Public Library c.1955) [See also MSS 16 & 33-34.]

MS 36 Society of Friends Advices.

Advices given by the Society of Friends in London, 1672-1776, arranged by subject, with an index. 320 x 195 mm. 18th century leather binding. (Robjohns Bequest).

MS 37 William Greenfield. Correspondence.

Correspondence of William Greenfield, philologist (1799-1831) from c.1823-1831. Principally letters to Greenfield concerning philology, his translations of the Bible, and his work for the British and Foreign Bible Society. Includes some personal papers. All items guarded and mounted. 330 x 200 mm. 19th century leather spine & cloth boards. (Robjohns Bequest)

MSS 38-39 Ship Money Case, 1638

Copy of the arguments and the judges' opinions in the case against Ship Money, brought by John Hampden (1594-1643), 1638. Compiled in the 17th century. Signed on each flyleaf 'H.C. Dakyns'. Binder's spine title 'MS LAW CASES'. Two volumes. 280 x 185 mm. Leather spine with marbled paper boards. (Robjohns Bequest)

MS 40 John Knox. Historie of the Kirk of Scotland [etc.]

Copy of The Historie of the Kirk of Scotland, by John Knox (1505-1572), in four Books, together with the First and Second Books of Discipline of the Church of Scotland. The Historie copied from the edition published by Thomas Vautrollier, 1641, and the Books of Discipline taken from David Calderwood's edition of 1621. Compiled in the 17th century. 285 x 175 mm. Leather binding. (Robjohns Bequest. From the library of David Irving (1778-1860), Librarian of the Faculty of Advocates, Edinburgh)

MS 41 Ludolphus of Saxony. Life of Christ.

Chapters 51-89 of Ludolphus of Saxony's Life of Christ. Written in Germany in the 15th century, in Latin, in several hands. Ex-libris of the Abbey of St Maximinius, Trier, on ff.108 and 236, in the scribe's hand. Historiated initial and coloured marginal decorations on f.1 and illuminated initials throughout. 325 x 215 mm. Wooden boards, covered in a pigskin binding, stamped with four pictures and dated 1749. (Robjohns Bequest. Phillipps MS 520) Reference. Ker, III, pp.98-99.

MS 42 Martin Luther. Sermons.

Copies of sermons by Martin Luther (1453?-1546), written in German, c.1540. Paper watermarked on last page of text (cross on mountain) and endpapers (unicorn). 300 x 200 mm. Modern red leather binding with marbled paper boards. (Robjohns Bequest)

MS 43 John Mann. Odes, etc.

Compilation entitled Odes, Elegiac Thoughts, Pieces Sacred and Moral, with other Miscellaneous Poems, by John Mann (1767-1831), dated 1825 on the title-page but compiled over a number of years, including copies of earlier pieces. Completed by his nephew John Walker. 225 x 185 mm. 19th century leather binding. (Robjohns Bequest)

MS 44 High Steward of England.

A late 16th compilation recounting the history of the offices of Seneschal or High Steward of England, and Steward of the Queen's House, once held by Simon de Montfort. A coloured reproduction of the arms of the Earl of Leicester at the front. 250 x 170 mm. Modern vellum binding. (Robjohns Bequest)

MS 45 University of Zaragoza. Thesis.

Manuscript thesis on Philosophy presented at the University of Zaragoza, late 17th or early 18th century. Written in Latin and illustrated with contemporary engravings and some ms. drawings. Various inscriptions and doodles on the endpapers, including the signature Gaspar Aznar. 200 x 140 mm. Vellum binding. (Robjohns Bequest)

MS 46 Sequestered Ministers.

Petition for release addressed to Queen Elizabeth I by eight sequestered and imprisoned puritan ministers, with their answers to the charges brought against them. c.1590. Signed by the eight ministers. 198 x 149 mm. Vellum binding. (Robjohns Bequest. A modern note loosely inserted states that the document is a copy of British Library Lansdowne MS 72/49)

MS 47 Brut Chronicle [The St Albans Chronicle]

The Brut Chronicle, or The Chronicle of England. An incomplete version, corresponding to Brie's edition [Early English Text Society, vols.131-132, 1908] up to p.310. Written in England, in English, in the 15th century. Notes by Harry Place, Rector of Marnhull, Dorset, 30 May 1823, pasted to flyleaf; a note attributed to Lord Ashburnham on back of flyleaf. 310 x 225 mm. Early (contemporary?) leather binding on wooden boards, with the arms of Collingwood* incised on the back cover. (Robjohns Bequest. From the Library of Lord Ashburnham) Reference: Ker, III, p.99.
*Note the arms are thought to be of Collingbourn [Nov.2009]

MS 48 Shaw Family.

Pedigree of the family of Shaw (originally from Haslington, Cheshire), from the 13th to 19th centuries. Compiled c.1863. Stamp of Lincoln's Inn Heraldic Office on front cover. 330 x 200 mm. Paper. (James Johnson Bequest)

MS 49 History of Trier.

English translation of a German account of the Roman antiquities of Trier, compiled by a local antiquary, made c.1838. Written on mounted postal wrappers, mostly addressed to Gurney & Co., bankers, of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, but one addressed to W. Hanley, Blackfriars, London. Begins with page 21, where a note reads 'First 20 pages destroyed'. 250 x 195 mm. Leather spine & paper boards. (Donated by Harry H. Peach, c.1924. Notes on the provenance by F.B. Lott [Hon. Librarian, University College Leicester 1921-1939] and F.W. Buckler [Lecturer in History, University College Leicester 1922-1925] loosely inserted)

MS 50 Verse.

A collection of verse, written in various hands, compiled in the late 18th century. A pencil note inside the front cover states 'From the Library of the late S.F. Stone Esq., Kirby Frith, Leicester.' [Samuel Francis Stone (1834-1915), brother of Julia Christiana Stone, first wife of Thomas Fielding Johnson, Senior]. 160 x 100 mm. Leather spine & marbled paper boards. (Robjohns Bequest)

MS 51 John Wilkins and Richard Vines. Devotional Works.

Copies of a Discourse on Prayer by John Wilkins (1614-1672), sometime Bishop of Chester and a Founder of the Royal Society, and A Sacrament by Richard Vines (1600-1656), puritan divine. Compiled in the 17th century. Signed on the flyleaf 'Jno. Cumberlege Sen.' 175 x 110 mm. Modern leather binding by Kenneth Page, 1979. (Robjohns Bequest)

MS 52 Thomas Nevinson. Notebook.

Notebook of Thomas Kaye Bonney Nevinson (1851-1930), Rector of Lyndon, Rutland, 1889-1909, and Medbourne, Leics., 1909-1929. Contains stories of Stamford and vicinity at one end, and Rutland and Leicestershire provincialisms at the other. Compiled c.1889-1918. 162 x 100 mm. Leather bound. (Donated by Miss Dorothy Nevinson, the compiler's daughter, 1958)

MSS 53-65 Matthew Henry. Sermons.

Thirteen autograph sermons by Matthew Henry (1662-1714), nonconformist minister. Each sermon dated and separately numbered, as follows:

  • MS 53 [date indecipherable]
  • MS 54 26 Dec.1686
  • MS 55 27 July 1701
  • MS 56 10 Aug. 1701
  • MS 57 12 Oct. 1701
  • MS.58 19 Oct. 1701
  • MS 59 16 Nov. 1701
  • MS 60 23 Nov. 1701
  • MS 61 11 Jan. 1701/2
  • MS 62 18 Jan. 1701/2
  • MS 63 26 Feb. 1709/10
  • MS 64 19 Aug. 1703
  • MS 65 [date indecipherable] Included with the sermons is an engraved portrait of Henry, from an unidentified source. 13 documents, each approx. 140 x 80 mm. Paper. (Robjohns Bequest)

MS 66 Diary & French Exercise book.

A notebook containing a Diary, 18 April - 16 August 1792, mostly written in St Omer, France, apparently by an English girl; Notes on French grammar (in the same hand); and French exercises (in the same hand). 238 x 153 mm. Covered in parchment, a fragment from a medieval church music manuscript. (Provenance unknown)

[MS 67 Papers of Professor J. Simmons. Transferred to University Archives]

MS 68 R. B. Dockray. Commonplace Book.

Commonplace Book of Robert Benson Dockray, railway engineer, compiled 1852-1869, containing newspaper cuttings and other printed ephemera, together with some autograph notes on the Dockray family and other topics. Many of the contents relate to Lancaster and district. Indexed. 250 x 200 mm. Leather binding, stamped on the front 'Robert B. Dockray'. (Donated by Mrs N. Binyon, 1975) Reference. Noted in British Archives, 3rd edition, 1995, as one of the Library's 'major collections' (together with MSS 69-71).

MSS 69-71 R.B. Dockray. Diaries.

Diaries of Robert Benson Dockray, railway engineer.

  • MS 69 Diary for 1850. Diary entries relate mainly to Dockray's professional work for the London and Birmingham and the London and North Western Railway Companies. Also includes Dockray's professional and household expenses for 1850; notes on the manufacture of 'railway bars'; and tenders for an extension to the Buckinghamshire Railway. Indexed. The pages for 24 June-5 September inclusive cut out. Inscribed "Mr Dockray, Euston Station, London.
  • MS 70 Diary for 1853. The first entry records Dockray's illness and subsequent resignation from the railway company during 1851-1852. The diary entries for 1853 all relate to personal and family matters; during this year the family were living in Ramsgate, Kent, but during July to November they stayed in Liverpool. Also includes lists of letters sent and received; particulars of investments and household expenses; a plan of the house in Ramsgate; notes on the last year of Dockray's father's life; etc. Indexed. Inscribed 'Mr Dockray, No.8 Augusta Terrace, Ramsgate'.
  • MS 71 Diary for 1860. Also includes lists of letters sent and received; and copies of correspondence with the London and North Western Railway on the 'Permanent Way.' Indexed. Each diary 250 x 200 mm., being 'Richard's Universal Daily Remembrancer' for the year. Leather spines with cloth boards. (Donated by Mrs N. Binyon, 1975) Reference. See MS 68.

MS 72 Peter of Blois. Life of Job.

The Life of Job, by Peter of Blois (fl.1160-1204). A copy (in Latin) made in 1443 by Brother Hugh of Tsgrauensande (see f.35r), written on paper in black ink, the capitals stroked in red. 193 x 128 mm. 19th century English leather binding. (Donated By Harry H. Peach. Phillipps MS 9279) Reference: Ker. III, pp.99-100.

MS 73 Basil et al. De legendis gentilibus libris [etc.]

A collection of writings by Basil (De legendis gentilibus libris), Pseudo-Plutarch (De liberis educandis), Cicero (Ep.I,1), Jerome (Vita Pauli heremitae), and Suetonius (Vita P. Virgili Maronis). The collection also once contained a piece by Ovid (De remedio amoris), but this was noted as missing by a former owner, H. Drury, c.1827 (see f.1). Written in Italy in the 15th century, on paper, in three italic hands. 210 x 150 mm. Modern leather spine & cloth boards. (Donated by Harry H. Peach. Phillipps MS 3366) Reference. Ker. III, pp.100-101.

MS 74 Edward Neville da Costa Andrade papers

Collection of various journal offprints and pamphlets of lectures and speeches (5 boxes). Edward Neville da Costa Andrade, 1887-1971 was a physicist and popular science writer and broadcaster. He began his career at UCL, where he researched into metal flow, moving to the University of Heidelberg in 1911. In 1913 he went to Manchester, where he worked with Ernest Rutherford on gamma rays. During the Great War, he served as an officer in the Royal Garrison Artillery. In 1920, on Rutherford's recommendation, he became Professor of Physics at the Ordnance College in Woolwich. In 1928 he was appointed Quain Professor of Physics at UCL. He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1935. In 1950 he accepted a directorship of the Royal Institution, but resigned in 1952. In 1957 he was appointed a Senior Research Fellow at Imperial College London, where he continued his researches on the flow of metals.

MS 75 Sudeley Committee Papers.

The archives of the Sudeley Committee, formed in 1923 and wound up in 1946, and concerned with the promotion of museums and increasing their popular use. 8 boxes containing Agendas & Minutes of Meetings, General Correspondence, Private Correspondence, Correspondence with and Reports of the Royal Commission on Museums, Reports of Projects, and Press Cuttings. There is an account of the Committee and an Inventory of the Papers in box 1. (Given to the British Museum in 1959 & later transferred to the British Library. Donated to Leicester by the British Library through the good offices of Mr H. Singleton, then Director of Museum Studies at the University, in 1975) Reference. Noted in Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts. Accessions to Repositories and Reports added to the National Register of Archives, 1976. (London, 1976).

MS 76 Norman Lockyer Observatory. Papers.

Material relating to the establishment, growth and maintenance of the Hill Observatory (later the Norman Lockyer Observatory) at Salcombe Regis, Devon, c.1912-1930. The Observatory was founded by Sir Norman Lockyer, FRS (1836-1930). 35 'folders' in 8 boxes, together with some printed material and a detailed list of the contents (by D. De Vorkin) in a separate folder. (Purchased in 1976)

MS 77 Royal Commission on the Press

The Royal Commission on the Press was set up in 1974 ‘to inquire into the factors affecting the maintenance of the independence, diversity and editorial standards of newspapers and periodicals’. In the course of its work, the Commission collected evidence from a wide range of individuals and organisations – political bodies and the advertising industry, as well as the newspaper publishers and trade unions themselves. Because of the cost involved, it was decided not to publish this evidence, but to make a copy available for public inspection at the Public Record Office in London and to deposit copies at various other institutions throughout the country. The collection comprises 8 boxes of photocopied typescripts of evidence.

MS 78 Higginson Family History.

Typed excerpt from Whence we came, an unpublished account of the ancestry of Marshall W.S. Swan, relating to the Rev. Francis Higginson, the Rev. John Higginson, and Mr John Higginson, the first a former Rector of St Nicholas, Leicester, and in 1629 the first Congregationalist Minister of Salem, Massachusetts. Unbound. (Donated by Marshall W.S. Swan, 1977)

[MS 79 Papers of Mr James Crompton.Transferred to University Archives]

MS 80 E.A. Irons. Notes on the History of Rutland.

Manuscript notes made by the Ven. E.A. Irons, Archdeacon of Oakham, relating mainly to the history of Rutland, and extensively used, with acknowledgement, in the Victoria History of the County of Rutland (1908-1935). In seven boxes; typescript inventory of contents in box 1. (Donated by Mrs V.M. Irons (the compiler's daughter) through the good offices of Professor J. Simmons)

MS 81 A. Gorrie. Political Memorabilia.

Miscellaneous material collected by Archibald Gorrie, of Leicester, c.1889-1909, consisting of 2 scrapbooks, a box of loose papers, and 9 mounted posters. Larger Scrapbook (plain cover) 1889-1900, consisting of press cuttings, posters, handbills, circulars, invitations, etc. (some loosely inserted), concerning the Leicester Radical Club, the Leicester Branch of the Socialist League (of which Gorrie was a founder-member), the Leicester Christian Socialist Society, the Leicester Socialist & Anarchist Society, the Leicester Anarchists-Socialists, the Leicester Anarchists-Communists, the Leicester Anarchists' Group, the Leicester Branch of the Christian Social Union, the Leicester Branch of the Independent Labour Party, the Leicester Trades Council, the Midland Counties Socialist Federation, the Midland District Council of the Social-Democratic Foundation. Among the speakers at meetings were Prince Kropotkin, Bernard Shaw, Sidney Webb, John Burns, Annie Besant, representatives of striking miners and dockers, and leading Leicester socialists. Also includes manuscript notes by Gorrie of the first two meetings of the Leicester Branch of the Socialist League, 11 & 18 October 1889.MS 81

275 x 220 mm. Leather spine & cloth boards.

Smaller scrapbook (inscribed 'Ledger'), c.1889-1894, containing press cuttings of letters, mainly to Leicester newspapers, on Anarchism, Socialism, labour problems, social welfare. Partially indexed, but a number of the pages containing items referred to have been torn out. 280 x 160 mm. Leather spine & cloth boards.

Box containing a bundle of papers relating to Gorrie's involvement with the Leicester Passive Resisters' League and the Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Citizens' League, 1902-1909, including summonses for non-payment of rates levied under the Education Act of 1902, receipts for goods distrained, notices of sales of distrained goods, tickets for and reports of meetings, and a few items of correspondence.

Mounted posters 8 advertising meetings in Leicester, 1889-1894, organised by the Leicester Anarchist and Anarchist-Communist Groups, the Leicester Branch of the Socialist League, and the Dock Labourers' Strike Relief Fund; 1 advertising a meeting in Walsall of the Walsall Anarchists, 1894. Various sizes. The posters were found loose in the Larger Scrapbook and mounted on card by the University of Sussex for the Hammersmith Bookshop, prior to the sale of the material to Leicester. (Purchased from the Hammersmith Bookshop Ltd, 1975)

MS 82 'Jim Cladpole.' Sussex Dialect.

Printed version of Psalms 112 and 138 in the Sussex dialect, by 'Jim Cladpole' [i.e. James Richards, of Tunbridge Wells, Kent], together with 5 letters from Richards to Philip S. Benham, of Worthing, Sussex, 1937-1939, concerning his publications in the Sussex dialect, and a press cutting of an article by the Rev. A.A. Evans on the Sussex dialect, 1936. (Donated by the author)

[MS 83-87 numbers no longer used]

MS 88 Charles Bacon. Autobiography.

Unpublished autobiography of Charles Bacon, Leicestershire trader and haulier (b.1871 at Newbold Verdon), covering his life up to 1945. Illustrated with photographs. 100 pp. Typescript. 260 x 210 mm. Cloth bound with impressed title on the front cover: .The Life Story of Charles Bacon (as told by himself)'. (Purchased from Mrs C.E. Preston 1978)

[MS 89 number no longer used]

MSS 90-126, 231 Victoria County History (Leicestershire).

MS 231. Manuscript notes, drafts, and printed proofs of articles prepared for Volume II and later volumes of the Victoria History of the County of Leicestershire [VCH Leics]. In the event, no further volumes were published after Vol.I (1907) until 1954, when this material provided working papers for the then editors, but was not used as it stood. 4 boxes.

MSS 90-126. Research notes for the VCH Leics. In 37 boxes. Boxes 1-34 (MSS 90-123) consist of material on parishes, arranged alphabetically, excluding those in Gartree Hundred and the City of Leicester (which are covered in published volumes of the VCH). Boxes 35-37 (MSS 124-126) contain general notes on Leicestershire topics and the City of Leicester. (Deposited by Mr R.A. McKinley, sometime Local Editor of VCH Leics and Research Fellow in the Department of English Local History at the University of Leicester)

MS 127 Pym Family.

Manuscript notes on the Pym family and the life of John Pym (1584-1643), Parliamentarian. Includes notes on the politics of his times. By an unknown compiler, from well-known manuscript and published sources. Loosely inserted are two leaflets advertising Leisure Hour Monthly Library editions of David Lyall's The Gold that Perisheth and Rosa Nouchette Carey's Aunt Diana; these were first published in 1905 & 1906 respectively, suggesting that this compilation may date from c.1906. 662 unbound pp. in two boxes. (Provenance unknown)

MS 128 Spens Committee Papers

Lady Simon's copies of the Minutes, Working Papers, Notes of Evidence, and draft Reports of the Spens Committee on Secondary Education (1932-1938), of which she was a member. [Shena Dorothy Simon (1883-1972) was the wife of the 1st Baron Simon of Wythenshawe]. Includes typescript list of documents compiled by Mrs Joan Simon. 10 boxes. (Donated by Professor Brian Simon [Lady Simon.s younger son] in 1972) Reference. Simon, Joan. 'The Shaping of the Spens Report on Secondary Education 1933-1935: an insider's view.' British Journal of Educational Studies, vol.25, 1977, part 1, pp.63-80 and part 2, pp.170-185.

MS 129 Narborough Parish Registers.

Manuscript notes of entries in the Bishop.s Transcripts of the Narborough, Leicestershire, parish registers, covering the period (c.1650-1700) for which the registers themselves are said to have been missing. Compiled c.1910 by Henry Hartopp (d.1937), a Leicestershire genealogist. 5 pp. tied together, with an advertisement for Hartopp's professional services. (Provenance unknown)

[MSS 130-131 numbers no longer used]

MS 132 Benjamin Burrows. Compositions.

Collection of manuscript and printed music by the Leicestershire composer Benjamin Burrows (1891-1966), some-time part-time Lecturer in Music at University College, Leicester. Includes songs, violin, piano, organ, chamber, orchestral and choral music. Much of the printed music was published by the Bodnant Press, 2, University Road, Leicester. Also includes programmes for song and organ recitals by Burrows in Leicester in 1928, and some biographical and critical articles on the composer. 7 boxes. (Boxes 1-4 donated by Mr Brian Daubney c.1980; boxes 5-7 donated by Mrs Vreli Fry, 1996) [Note. This material is unsorted and awaits a detailed listing. There is some duplication within the collection; it should also be noted that Leicester University Library has, in its book collections, a large number of Burrows' published scores, some of which are also duplicated here.] [2010 Update - hand list is available at this link ]

[MSS 133-145 numbers no longer used]

MS 146

Manuscript copy of the Testimony to the Power of God, by Richard Baker (d.1697), and Mary Baker's Testimony concerning her husband (published by T. Sowle, London, 1699.) Probably 19th century. 225 x 175 mm. Leather bound with title in gold on the front cover. (Donated by Miss B.L. Morris)

MS 147 W.B. Brown. History of Broughton Sulney.

Manuscript history of Broughton Sulney [= Upper Broughton], Nottinghamshire, by William Brett Brown, 1845. Includes copies of monumental inscriptions, pedigrees of the Brett family, and their armorial bearings in colour (this page has been cut out and is now loosely inserted). 220 x 175 mm. Leather bound with title in gold on the front cover. (Provenance unknown)

MS 148 Valuations of Lubenham, Leics.

Manuscript copies of valuations of the parish of Lubenham, Leicestershire, one taken in 1817 by Robert Buswell and Francis Bredon, the other in 1837, under the Tithe Commutation Act, 1836, by the Churchwardens and Overseers, and including references to a plan formerly held in the church. 200 x 155 mm. Leather binding with paper boards. (Provenance unknown)

MS 149







MS 149 William Fry. Excursions.

Manuscript accounts of excursions by William Fry (1763-1849) from London to Canterbury and Margate, 1826, Leicestershire and Staffordshire 1827, Loughborough and Liverpool, 1828, and Leicestershire 1829. Illustrated with contemporary printed engravings, many hand coloured. Printed bookplate of the arms of Fry inside the front cover and on the front end-paper. 158 x 95 mm. Leather binding. (Provenance unknown)









MS 150 William Kelly. Journal.

Manuscript journal of William Kelly of Leicester. One page of text describing the start of a voyage from Liverpool to America, dated 20 June 1816. The volume also includes press cuttings relating to the history of Leicester from local newspapers of the 1830's and 1840's. Printed and hand-coloured bookplate of William Kelly mounted inside front and back covers (depicting his coat of arms). 235 x 190 mm. Leather spine and cloth boards. (James Johnson Bequest)

MS 151 G.E. Kendall. History of Humberstone.

Manuscript Collections for a history of the parish of Humberstone [Leicestershire], by George E. Kendall. An expanded and corrected version of his published work Humberstone ... (Leicester, 1916), completed c.1940. Unbound. (Provenance unknown)

MS 152 Loughborough Parish Library Catalogue.

Manuscript Catalogue of Loughborough (Leics.) Parish Library, compiled for the Rev. Samuel Blackall in 1786 (with some later annotations). (The Library was bequeathed to the parish by the Rev. James Bickham, who died in 1785). 641 items listed. 325 x 205 mm. Paper with cardboard covers. (Provenance unknown) Reference. The Parochial Libraries of the Church of England: Report of a Committee appointed by the Central Council for the Care of Churches, (London, 1959). At the time of this report, no surviving copies of the original catalogue were known. Loughborough Parish Library itself is now housed in the Department of Information & Library Studies at Loughborough University.

MS 153 William Larrad. Personal papers.

Two items: (1) Permit Book issued by Leicester Borough Police to William Arthur Larrad of Leicester, allowing him to take photographs in Leicestershire and Rutland for the Leicester Pioneer, a Labour newspaper, 1916-1917. (2) An autograph letter from Ramsay MacDonald to W.A. Larrad, 8 June 1923. (Provenance unknown)

MS 154 Narborough Congregational Church Records.

Records of the Narborough (Leics.) Congregational [= Independent] Church, c.1896-1920. Includes Minutes of Church Meetings, Lists of Ministers and Sermons preached, Lists of persons received into the Church, some copies of correspondence with Ministers, and press cuttings relating to Church events, etc. Compiled (at least in part) by Caleb K. Robjohns, whose father had been Minister of the Church and who was himself active in Church affairs. 2 vols., 240 x 190 mm. Leather spines and marbled boards. (Robjohns Bequest)

MS 155-156, 158 Italian University Diplomas.

Original doctorate diplomas from Italian universities, 1616-1707.

  • MS 155: Grant to John Bon, Padua, 1707.
  • MS 156: Grant to James Branengus, Pisa, 1616.
  • MS 158: Grant to Matthias de Veltronibus, Siena, 1630.

Written in Latin on parchment; MS 155 has coloured decorations on the first two pages and a seal in tin box attached; MS 156 has a coloured coat of arms on the first page. 3 vols. MS 155: 225 x 160 mm. Leather binding with gold tooling. MS 156: 215 x 160 mm. Leather binding with gold tooling. MS 158: 195 x 140 mm. Leather binding. (Donated by K. Knight)

MS 157 O.J. Reichel. Notebooks.

Notebooks of the Rev. Oswald J. Reichel (1840-1923), of 'A la Ronde', near Exmouth, Devon, consisting of extracts from printed and manuscript sources relating to the history of Devon and Cornwall. Numerous letters, tickets, and other ephemera loosely inserted. 7 volumes. (Donated by Professor W.G. Hoskins)

[MS 158 see MS 155, above]

MS 159 Walter Vavasour. Account Book.

Account book for the estates of Walter Vavasour (from 1740 Sir Walter Vavasour, 5th Bt., d.1766), of Hazlewood, W. Yorks., in Woodhall and Sicklinghall, W. Yorks., 1731-1740, compiled by his agent, Thomas Vavasour. 320 x 205 mm. Paper bound. (Purchased in 1967)

MS 160 Military Commission.

Commission granted to Thomas Wood, Esq., as Captain-Lieutenant in the Royal Leicester Corps of Volunteers, 15 March 1795. 305 x 400 mm. Parchment. (Provenance unknown)

[MSS 161-174 numbers no longer used]

MS 175 E.C. Weston. Autobiography.

Autobiography of Mrs O.N. Weston (i.e. E.C. Weston, nee Knights, b.1911), of Leicester. Typescript (carbon copy). (Donated by Mr O.N. Weston to Paul Thompson, of the University of Essex, who in turn donated it to Leicester University Library, 1980)

[MSS 176-177 numbers no longer used]

MS 178 Hastings Permanent Building Society.

Manuscript draft of The Seal of Security, a souvenir booklet of the Hastings Permanent Building Society, containing a history of the Society from its foundation in 1847. Dated February, 1930. 15 sheets. (From the collection of H.J. Dyos, former Professor of Economic History at the University of Leicester, which the Library purchased from his widow in 1979)

[MSS 180-194 numbers no longer used]

MS 195 Frank Arthur. Literary papers.

Manuscript research notes, scripts, correspondence and other material for In Search of Lucy Walter: an Amateur Historian's Attempt to unearth the Truth, by 'Frank Arthur' (i.e. Arthur Frank Ebert, crime writer, 1902-1984), together with the final typed draft of the work. The book was never published, but Arthur's novel The Abandoned Woman, on the same subject, was published in 1964. A signed copy of the novel, together with other printed material, accompanies the manuscripts. 8 boxes. (Donated by the author)

MS 196 W.A. Webb. History of Bramham.

Typed copy of Bramham: a History of a Wiltshire Parish, by W.A. Webb, 1913. Includes three mounted photographs, and other illustrations; the work was never published. An autograph letter from the author, 1914, loosely inserted, together with a pedigree of the Long and Slade families. Cloth bound. (Purchased in 1981)

[MS 197 number no longer used]

[MSS 198-198A Papers of Professor C.J. Hughes. Transferred to University Archives]

MS 199 World War II ephemera.

Collection of World War II printed notices and pamphlets advising on various aspects of safety and security, many relating to Colchester and district, and including a leaflet in French explaining the purposes of Allied bombing raids in Occupied France. 24 items. (Donated by Dr Adrian Bailey of the Department of History, University of Leicester)

[MS 200 number no longer used]

MS 201 Hans Majut. Literary papers.

A collection of the literary papers of Dr Hans Majut, dentist (1892-1937), together with family papers, etc. Assembled by his brother, Dr Rudolf Majut (1887-1981), a literary scholar and sometime honorary member of the

German Department, University of Leicester. The collection includes:

Majut Family Letters and Papers, c.1915-1941. Mainly correspondence between Hans and Rudolf Majut and their mother, Anna Majut (nee Schmoschewer), together with family photographs, etc. Includes circulars from the Beratungstelle

MS 201

für jüdische Zahnarzte Deutschlands [Centre for German Jewish Dentists] and the Reichsverband christlich-deutscher Staatsbürger nichtarischer oder nicht rein arischer Abstammung e.V. [State organisation of Christian non-Aryan or not pure Aryan German citizens].

Hans Majut Literary Works. Drafts, final manuscripts, and typescripts of poetry, stories, etc., mainly unpublished (numerous publishers' letters of rejection are among the correspondence).


The most important items dated, classified and listed by Dr Rudolf Majut (copy among the papers) as follows

(U = 'Urschrift' [early draft], M = manuscript, T = typescript):


  1. Gedichte einer Jugend. 1909-1918. U,M.
  2. Schwermütige Lieder. 1919-1921. U,M,T (2 copies).
  3. Fessel und Schwinge. 1919-1925. U,M,T (4 copies).
  4. Weltseele. 1924-1930. U,M,T.


  1. Vorspiel zu einer Lebensgeschichte. 1914. U,M.
  2. Die Statue. 1919. U,M.
  3. Die irrende Seele. 1923. U,M,T.
  4. Jeremia. 1923. M,T (3 copies).
  5. Die Geburt des Bosen. 1935. M,T (2 copies).


  1. Märchen im Herbst. 1919. M,T (2 copies).
  2. Der Selbstmord. 1920. U,M,T (2 copies).
  3. Begegnung. 1922-1923. M,T.
  4. Im Nebel. 1925. M,T (2 copies).
  5. Der verlorene Sohn. 1925. M,[T in the Majut [Book] Collection (see note below)], published version in Deutsche Monatshefte, Heft 12, 1928, pp.616-628 (3 copies of complete issue).
  6. Satanische Dichtung. 1925-1926. M,T (2 copies).
  7. Ramquast. 1928-1929. M,T (2 copies).
  8. Die hundertste Geburtstag. 1929. M,T (2 copies).
  9. Knabengericht. 1930-1931. M,T (3 copies).
  10. Bildnis eines Geistigen. 1932. M,T (2 copies).
  11. Die Flucht. 1933. M,T (2 copies).
  12. Das Inselkloster. 1933. M,T (2 copies).
  13. Die Komtess. 1935. M,T (2 copies).

Märchen und Legende

  1. Das Märchen vom Sterben. 1908. M.
  2. Die Sage vom Hübichenstein. 1916. M (2 copies).
  3. Die Teufelsorgel. 1924. M,T (2 copies).
  4. Geschichte des Hundes Strunk. 1924. M,T (2 copies).
  5. Der Bergsee. 1925. M,T (2 copies).
  6. Der Henker. 1927. M,T (2 copies).
  7. Bartholomäa und der Jesusknabe. 1928. M,T (2 copies).

Aphorismen, Spruchgedichte und Aehnliches

  1. Bleistiftskizzen. 1915-1930. M.
  2. Der irdische Psalter. 1922. M,T.
  3. Uebertragungen. 1929. M,T.
  4. Das Ewig-Griechische. 1937. U,M,T, [published version (Augsburg: Beyschlag, 1946) in the Majut [Book] Collection (see note below)].


  1. Zwiegesprach von der Lebenskunst. 1915-1918. M.
  2. Die Busennadel. 1917. M.
  3. Alkibiades. 1924-1925. M.

Also included are numerous juvenile works, childhood notebooks, miscellaneous drafts and fragments, etc. 11 boxes. (Donated by Dr Rudolf Majut) Reference. Dr Rudolf Majut's widow donated his book collection to the University of Leicester (not the University Library) after his death. A complete catalogue of the collection has been published (Catalogue of the Majut Collection. Leicester, 1987). A typescript version of one of Hans Majut's works was inadvertently included in the book collection, as noted above; the Collection also includes the published version of Hans Majut's Das Ewig-Griechische, and a collection of his professional articles in dentistry journals.


[MS 202 number no longer used]

MS 203 Scottish Estates.

Valuations of rents and crops, 1831-1834, on the estates of John Campbell, Marquess of Breadalbane (1762-1834), of Taymouth Castle, Perth; compiled by John Miller, Land Steward at Taymouth. Also includes drafts of John Miller's applications for other posts (1835) and his Household Accounts for part of 1839. 305 x 200 mm. Paper bound. (Donated by Miss A. Geary)

[MS 204 Papers of Mr D.G.F. Walker. Transferred to University Archives]

[MSS 205-206 numbers no longer used]

[MS 207 Papers of Mr James Crompton. Transferred to University Archives]

[MSS 208-209 numbers no longer used]

MS 210 Ethiopic Manuscript.

18th century Ethiopic manuscript, in Ge'ez, containing The Life and Martyrdom of St Cyriacus and his Mother Julitta; History of Gabra Krastus, son of Theodosius, Emperor of Constantinople; Discourse of John, Bishop of Aksura, on Isaac, and other minor items. 170 x 135 mm. Written on vellum; binding of wooden boards partly covered in leather. In a leather slip-case. (Robjohns Bequest) Reference. Listed in Pearson, J.D., Oriental Manuscripts in Europe and North America, 1971, using a description prepared by Edward Ullendorff, of the University of St Andrews. A draft of the description, together with a letter from Ullendorff dated 29 November 1953, accompanies the MS.

MS 211 Frederick Barnes. Letters.

Typescript copies of letters from Frederick Barnes (b.1771), Sub-Dean of Christ Church, Oxford, and Vicar of Colyton, Devon, to his father, Ralph Barnes (b.1732), Vicar of Harberton, Devon and Archdeacon of Totnes, and his brother, George Barnes (1784-1847), the Archdeacon of Bombay. Dated June 18 and September 1, 1814, respectively, and describing the stay of Marshal Blucher (1742-1819) at his house on the occasion of the visit to Oxford of the Prince Regent, the Emperor of Russia, and the King of Prussia. [Frederick Barnes was the grandfather of F.B. Lott (1854-1939), Schools Inspector and Honorary Librarian of University College, Leicester, 1921-39]. 4 sheets. (Donated by F.B. Lott)

MS 212 Sir Benjamin Brodie. Correspondence & papers.

Letters to Sir Benjamin Brodie (1817-1880), Waynflete Professor of Chemistry, Oxford, relating to the calculus of chemical operations, 1866-1867 & 1874; Miscellaneous correspondence with Brodie on scientific and other topics, 1853-1878; Letters of Benjamin Collins Brodie (1783-1862), surgeon (father of Sir Benjamin) c.1855-1877; Miscellaneous literary & other pieces, mostly in Sir Benjamin's hand. A full list of contents and a note on the provenance of the material accompanies the MSS. 1 box. (Donated by the Misses P.M. and O.M. Brodie, granddaughters of Sir Benjamin Brodie) Reference. Noted in British Archives, 3rd edition, 1995, as one of the Library's 'major collections;' National Register of Archives, Report NRA 9991; Brock, W.H. The Atomic Debates: Brodie and the Rejection of the Atomic Theory (1967); Brock, W.H. The Newdigate Prize in 1837: Stanley and Brodie, Notes and Queries, Nov.1968; Mortan, Verna. Oxford Rebels (1987).

MS 213 G.T. Turner. Voyage to Rio.

Fair copy of a 'Diary kept on board Royal Mail Co. Steamer 'Ebro' (from Southampton to Rio de Janeiro)' 25 November 1872 - 21 December 1872, by George Thomas Turner, of Tonbridge, Kent, together with his 'Appendix to Journal of Voyage to the Brazils,' describing his family's stay in Rio and their return voyage to Liverpool, January 1873. A note at the end of the Diary (in Turner's hand) reads 'This Diary was written expressly for Mr Judd of Leamington and a few friends, but not for general perusal.' Typed transcripts of the Diary and the Appendix (made at the University of Leicester Victorian Studies Centre, c.1970) accompany the originals. Unbound. (Donated by Professor R.G. Austin, of the University of Liverpool (G.T. Turner's grandson), 1970)

MS 214 A.I. Burbridge. Railway Ephemera.

Membership cards for the Railway Clerk's Association, 1918-1920, belonging to A.I. Burbridge; Deposit Book for Burbridge's account with the Great Eastern Railway Provident Savings Bank, 1931-1936; Miscellaneous printed material relating to the Great Eastern Railway's superannuation arrangements, etc., 1912-1920. (Donated by Mr Peter Turner)

MS 215 I.C. Ellis. Memoir of the Misses Gittins.

Typescript of part of Records of Nineteenth Century Leicester (1935), by Isabel Clara Ellis (Mrs Bernard Ellis) (1863-1936), relating to Miss Mary Catherine Gittins (1840-1930) and Miss Edith Gittins (1845-1910), of Leicester [pp.143-149 of the published work], together with a printed portrait of Edith Gittins, from an unidentified source [this picture was not reproduced in Mrs Ellis's book]. Unbound. (Donated by Mrs Bernard Ellis, June 1931)

MS 216 Capital Guarantee Society. Archives.

Records of the General Expenditure Assurance Company Limited, later known as the Capital Guarantee Society Limited, 1874-1900. The Company was incorporated in 1874, changed its name in 1881, and went into liquidation in 1883, remaining in the hands of liquidators until c.1985. Includes Minutes of Directors' and other meetings, share and bond registers, accounting records, marketing records, and records of liquidation, etc. A summary list of contents is included in Box 1. 15 boxes. (Donated by the Business Archives Council, 1985, at the suggestion of Professor Philip Cottrell, of the University of Leicester) Reference. Noted in British Archives, 3rd edition, 1995, as one of the Library's 'major collections.'

MS 217 Italian Letter.

Manuscript entire letter in Italian, probably 19th century. Addressed to Cn. Mitradisca. With modern manuscript transcription. (Provenance unknown)

[MS 218 Papers of Dr Norman Scarfe. Transferred to University Archives]

MS 219





MS 219 Devon Tinners' Charters.

Manuscript customal of the Tinners of Devon, containing their Charters, Statutes and Acts of their Court held at Crockern Tor, Devon, presided over by the Vice-Warden of the Stannaries. Compiled c.1600. 220 x 155 mm. 17th century leather binding. (From the Hatton Gift)


[MS 220 number no longer used]

MS 221 Ancient Egypt.

Collection of papers and drawings relating to Egyptian hieroglyphics, tombs, religion and dynasties. Among the items loosely inserted in the scrapbooks is a note on the back of a wrapper addressed to 'B. Smith' of Anchor Terrace, Southwark Bridge, c.1842 - (i.e. Benwell Smith, dealer in printers' blankets, sieve cloths, etc.), who was presumably the compiler of the collection. Largely based on printed sources and notes from museum collections. 3 scrapbooks. Paper wrappers. (Donated by Mrs W. Wallace Bruce. [Mrs Bruce (1863-1942), nee Agnes Mabel Fielding Johnson, was the daughter of Thomas Fielding Johnson senior (1828-1921), who gifted the site and original buildings to the University of Leicester. She made two donations of books from her father's Library, in 1922 and 1929])

[MS 222] number no longer used]

MS 223 J.C.W. Herschel. Letter.

Manuscript letter from the Rev. Sir John Charles William Herschel, 3rd Bart. (1869-1950), dated 22 August 1922, sent to the Doncaster Gazette and correcting some mis-statements in an article on his great-grandfather, Sir William Herschel (1738-1822), the astronomer, published on 18 August; together with a newspaper cutting (probably also from the Gazette), dated in manuscript 19 October 1933 and signed in manuscript 'G.W.B.' The cutting contains a review of Lady Constance A. Lubbock's The Herschel Chronicle which refers to the letter of 1922, pointing out that Lady Lubbock (1855?-1939), J.C.W. Herschel's aunt) supported the points made in the letter. (Found in the University Library's copy of Lady Lubbock's book, purchased in 1979) Reference. Lubbock, Constance A., editor. The Herschel Chronicle: the Life Story of William Herschel and his sister Caroline, edited by his granddaughter. London, 1933.

MS 224 Laura (Riding) Jackson. Correspondence.

Correspondence between Laura (Riding) Jackson (1901-1991), American poet, literary critic, and one-time companion of Robert Graves, George S. Fraser (1915-1980), poet, critic, and Reader in English Literature at the University of Leicester, and Mrs G.S. (Paddy) Fraser, covering the period 1971-1980. After her husband's death, and in accordance with his wishes, Mrs Fraser decided to donate the material to Leicester University Library, and the collection also includes copies of letters between Mrs Fraser, the Library, Professor A. Cunningham of the University's English Department, and Laura Riding herself, generated during the protracted negotiations over the deposit, 1980-1993. In 1998, Cornell University Library (which houses a Laura Riding Archive) supplied copies of original letters from Mr & Mrs Fraser to Laura Riding, and these are also included. A schedule of all the documents (by Brian Burch, 1998) is housed with the collection. 275 documents in two boxes. (Donated by Mrs G.S. Fraser & Cornell University Library)

[MS 225 number no longer used]

MS 226 Railway Invoice.

Invoice from the North Staffordshire Railway Company to John Leech, 1851, for the carriage of building materials. 1 sheet. (Provenance unknown)

MS 227 William Smith. Letter.

Manuscript letter from William Smith to Thomas Fenton, 19 March 1869, on behalf of the tenants of the Duke of Sutherland in Wellington (Shropshire?), complaining that unnamed 'Railway Companies' had not commenced building a promised bridge. 1 sheet. (Provenance unknown)

[MSS 228-230 numbers no longer used]

[MS 231 see MSS 90-126, above]

MS 232 Lawrence Jones. Literary papers.

Notes, drafts, copies of articles, etc., collected by Lawrence W. Jones (1942-1971), a Research Student in the Department of English at the University of Leicester, relating to John Steinbeck. The collection includes the typescript of Jones's John Steinbeck as Fabulist, published posthumously (edited by Marston LaFrance) in 1973, and material collected for his Master's thesis. 4 boxes. (Donated by Lawrence Jones' executors; the University Library also received a large collection of Jones's books, including his copies of many works by John Steinbeck. The published version of John Steinbeck as Fabulist is also in the Library)

[MS 233 number no longer used]

[MS 234 Papers of Professor A.J. Allaway. Transferred to University Archives]

[MS 235 Papers of Dr Bernard Norton. Transferred to University Archives]

MS 236 'The Watermark Collection'

Miscellaneous estate and working papers (as lawyers) of the Freeman, Edwards and Mitford families of Batsford, Gloucestershire, 1560-1820. Includes manorial rolls from Uckington (Gloucestershire) 1562, Tempster (Montgomeryshire) 1584, and Saintbury (Gloucestershire) 1603. This collection was given to the Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland College by Harry H. Peach on 21 January 1924; a note found with the collection (see MS 236/9/13) describes it as 'a collection of letters, deeds, accounts etc ranging from 1560 to 1820 illustrating watermarks used in the manufacture of paper.' This accompanies a numbered list of documents which gives a brief description of the watermarks, but no technical identification or dating of them. Re-discovered in the University Library in 1997, the collection was found to be a coherent archival unit as decribed above. There is a full classified list of contents, compiled by Mrs J.G. Clark, 1997. 2 boxes (Donated by Harry H. Peach, 1924). The catalogue file is available here. (pdf)

MS 237





MS 237 Joe Orton Collection

Collection of documents relating to John Kingsley (Joe) Orton, playwright (1933-1967). Includes scripts and drafts of published and unpublished plays and novels, correspondence (mostly with his agent, Peggy Ramsay), a diary of his stay in Tangier, scrapbooks and press cuttings, programmes, photographs, and personal memorabilia of both Orton and Kenneth Halliwell, his lover. Also includes the screenplay of Alan Bennett's 'Prick Up Your Ears,' based on the biography of Orton by John Lahr. 3 boxes. (Purchased from the Orton Estate, 1997)


MS 238 Joan Walker Papers

Professional papers of Dr Joan B. Walker (1902-1995), physician. At the time of her retirement in 1967, Dr Walker was Physician in Charge of the Diabetic Unit at Leicester Royal Infirmary. She was responsible for establishing the first Diabetic Service in Leicestershire. 53 folders (some containing several files) and two boxes, consisting of:

  • Published articles, including drafts and correspondence, c.1936-c.1984 (8 folders)
  • Unpublished lectures 1938-1973 (2 boxes)
  • 'Ibstock Surveys' 1957, 1962 & 1966. Surveys (the first conducted in the UK) of numbers of diabetics in Ibstock, Leicestershire, together with their family, medical and social histories. Includes correspondence and related papers, 1956-1983. (2 folders)
  • British Diabetic Surveys. Reports, papers and correspondence concerning diabetic surveys in various places in Britain, 1956-1978. (1 folder)
  • Phtographs of the Leicester Diabetic Service, mostly originals of pictures used in an article in the Nursing Mirror, 1954, together with photographs of the Burley on the Hill Convalescent Home, Dr Walker and Dr John Hearnshaw (her successor) in 1984, and a glass bowl presented to Dr Walker in 1982. (1 folder)
  • Lettered folders, containing correspondence, offprints, case notes, etc., on various topics: A: Insulin (3 folders); B: Management of diabetes (1); C: Diabetes in pregnancy (2); E: Diabetic neuropathy (1); F: Renal aspects of diabetes (1); G: Sociological implications of diabetes (1); H: Feet and diabetes (1); I: Premenstrual syndrome in diabetes (1); J: Endocrinology (1); K: Nutrition (3); O: Oral hypoglycaemic drugs (1); P: Case histories (2); Q: Blood sugar and other chemical estimations (1); R: Coma (1); S: Stress (1); T: Tuberculosis and diabetes (1); U: Epidemiology references (1); V: Neurological papers (1); X: History of medicine in England (1); Y: Genetics of diabetes (1).
  • Unlettered folders, contents as the lettered series, on further topics: International research, visits and correspondence (9 folders); Papers relating to the Diabetes Detection Sub-Committee of the British Diabetic Association (1); European Diabetes Epidemiology Study Group meetings 1958-1975 (1); Second International Congress of the International Diabetes Federation, Cambridge, 1955 (1); Care and aftercare of the diabetic in Leicestershire (1); Leicester Branch of the British Diabetic Association, Annual Reports (1); Papers and correspondence relating to an article by Dr Walker on C.J. Bond (1856-1939), a Leicester surgeon, together with offprints of the published article in Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, v.77, pp.316-324, 1984.
  • Folder labelled 'Joan Walker Collection' including obituaries of Dr Walker and correspondence concerning her life and work.

(Donated to the Library by Dr Walker in 1994 through the good offices of Mrs Jean Shaw (then Librarian in Charge of the Clinical Sciences Library). The Library also received Dr Walker's books, now added to the Library stock)

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