Incunabula are books printed before 1501 and for the age and size of the University of Leicester the University Library is particularly rich in this material.

Vulgate Bible Koburger
Latin Vulgate Bible printed by Anton Koburger, 1479

The incunabula are available for consultation in the Kirby & West Special Collections Reading Room and here is a list of our holdings. Members of the Library can place a request via the link to view them.

Date Title Shelf Mark
1466 Bible. Latin. Vulgate. Strassburg.
2 vols
SCd 00193-4

Bromyard, John.
Incipit opus trivium.
Cologne. Ulrich Zell. 2 vols.

SCm 09723
c.1474 St. Thomas Aquinas
Basle. Berthold Ruppel.
SCd 00297
1477 St. Antoninus, Archbishop of Florence. Summa theologica.
Nuremburg. Anton Koberger.
SCd 00474
1478 Magnus Aurelius Cassiodorus.
Prefacio Cassiodori senatoris.
Cologne. Conrad (de Hombach) Winters
SCm 05863
1479 Bible. Latin. Vulgate.
Nuremburg. Anton Koburger.
SCd 00195
1480 Bible. Latin. Vulgate.
Nuremburg. Anton Koburger.
SCd 00196
1481 Bible. Latin. Vulgate.
Basle. Johann Amerbach.
SCm 09749
1481 Martial.
Parma. Damianus de Moyllis.
SCm 06469
1483 Bible. High German.
Nuremburg. Anton Koburger.
2 vols.
SCd 00243-4
1484 Robert Duval
Libellus de dispositione ad bene beatque moriendum.
Paris. Antoine Caillaut.
SCm 05801
1484 Bible. Latin. Vulgate.
Venice. Johannes Herbort
SCm 06890
1486 Bible. Latin. Vulgate.
Speyer. Peter Drach.
SCt 00351
1486 Bible. Latin. Vulgate.
Strasburg. J. Pruss.
SCt 00363
1491 Bible. Latin. Vulgate.
Basle. Johannes Froben.
SCs 03541
1491 St Anselm.
Nuremburg. Kasper Hochfeder.
SCm 05883
1491 Angelus de Clavasio.
Summa angelica.
Strassburg. Martin Flach.
SCm 09715
1491 William of Ockham.
Tractatus de sacramento altaris.
Strassburg. Georg Husner.
SCm 05857
1493 Hartmann Schedel.
Nuremburg chronicle.
Nuremburg. Anton Koberger.
SCd 00390
1497 Bible. Latin. Vulgate.
Lyon. Franciscus Fradin & Johannes Piuard.
SCm 06896
1497 Bible. Latin. Vulgate.
Nuremburg. Anton Koburger.
4 vols.
SCt 00364-7
1498 Jacobus de Voragine.
The golden legend.
Westminster. Wynkyn de Worde.
SCm 09797
1500 Georg Albrecht
Biblisches ABC und namen
Buchlein. Nuremburg. Johannes Andred Endterische.
SCs 02952
1500 John Bale.
A brief chronicle concerning. Sir John Oldecastell.
SCs 01993
1500 Bede.
Ecclesiastica historia gentis anglorum.
Ecclesiastica historia.
Strassburg. Georg Husner.
(Bound in St Anselm 'Opera').
SCm 05883

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