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Database providing access to Mathematical Reviews and Current Mathematical Publications from 1940 to the present.

Key Features

Current Mathematical Publications is a subject index of bibliographic data for recent and forthcoming publications. Most items are later reviewed in Mathematical Reviews. All items in Mathematical Reviews appear first in Current Mathematical Publications.

Type and number of publications

The approximately 1600 current serials and journals reviewed in whole or in part are listed in the Abbreviations of Names of Serials which may be viewed in PDF format or as a browsable listing.

Subject Coverage


How often updated



1940 to the present


American Mathematical Society



Search Guide: The guidebook includes both a historical overview of the Mathematical Reviews database and hints about the many recent enhancements to the electronic product. Extensive illustrations and detailed, step-by-step explanations show how to make use of the full range of search capabilities of MathSciNet. There is advice about how to best use the latest browsing options, and readers also receive background information about some of the unique features of the database, including author identification. Download the PDF guidePDF icon.

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