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i-Law is an online legal database and current awareness service from Informa, a specialist publisher of commercial and insurance law materials.

Key features

Our subscription to i-Law includes access to the following full-text law reports, journals and practitioner texts:

Maritime and Commercial channel

  • Lloyd's Law Reports (Lloyd's Rep), 1919 to date
  • Lloyd's Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly (LMCLQ), 2000 to date
  • Shipping and Trade Law (STL), 2000-date

50+ books including:

  • Bills of Lading
  • Commercial Shipping Handbook
  • Dictionary of Shipping Terms
  • Marine Insurance: Law and Practice
  • Maritime Fraud and Piracy
  • Modern Maritime Law
  • Ratification of Maritime Conventions

Medical Channel

  • Medical Law Reports (Lloyd's Rep Med), 1989 to date

Please note that we do not have access to all information resources available on i-Law.

Subject Coverage

  • Law
  • Commercial Law
  • Maritime Law
  • Insurance Law
  • Medical Law


Up to date

User help and training is available via i-Law user guide and i-Law training videos





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