A-Z Databases and Electronic Resources

This list provides access to and information about the databases and electronic resources provided by the University Library. Click on the letter to find the database or electronic resource you want.


Access to Databases and Electronic Resources Off Campus

Once you have registered for a University IT account username and password you will be able to access most of the Library's databases and electronic resources via the links provided on this A-Z listing both on and off campus.

In a few cases, a specific password is required (a University IT account login is required to view the passwords page).

For more information go to the section on Off Campus Access.

Trial access to new databases and electronic resources

New databases and electronic resources are occasionally available on a temporary basis while they are being evaluated for possible purchase.  Your feedback on these resources is very welcome.


The University Library provides access to a large variety of electronic databases. This access is governed by individual licence agreements containing specific terms and conditions of use. By subscribing to these databases, the University Library does not acquire any of their associated copyright, database, or intellectual property rights. All the licences prohibit commercial exploitation of the database and users are prohibited from removing, obscuring or altering any copyright or other proprietary information which appears on any materials downloaded from the particular resource.

However, all licences permit use of the databases in support of teaching, study and research at the University, and permit individual authorised users to print-off search results or make a copy of limited extracts for personal use. Systematic copying or downloading from the databases is not allowed. The making of multiple copies for teaching purposes is governed by the specific licence terms of the relevant database. Information on terms and conditions of use may be available online directly from the database service itself. Links to such information are often activated by clicking on a © symbol or copyright statement, or on a 'Terms and conditions of use' button, usually at the bottom of a resource’s home page.

If your required use falls outside of the scope mentioned above, or you have questions about making copies of items for teaching purposes, please contact copyright@le.ac.uk.

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