Information for Staff using EndNote Online and Windows 7

ITS are currently moving all university PCs from Windows 7 to Windows 10. This is happening in phases and not all staff PCs have been moved onto Windows 10 yet. This affects users of EndNote: when you move to Windows 10 you will be upgraded to a newer version of EndNote - X8. Those using Windows 7 will stay on EndNote X7 for now.

We recommend that staff users of EndNote consider moving to Windows 10 soon. This is because from 31st December 2018 the space available inEndNote Online accounts to user of EndNote X7 will become limited. The online allocation will change from 'unlimited' to 50,000 references and 2GB of attachments. (Note: this does not affect desktop storage).

Therefore, we recommend moving to Windows 10 and EndNote X8, as your EndNote Online unlimited storage will be maintained.

To move to Windows 10, please contact ITS to request to upgrade.

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