Book Return Policy and Enquiries over Easter

If an item hasn't been recalled by March 23rd, then the due date for its return won't be until April 29th at the earliest. Our enquiries service will also be closed between the 18th-23rd April.

Are you looking to take a book home with you over the Easter break? If a book you've checked out hasn't been recalled by another user by March 23rd, then it won't be due back until April 29th at the earliest, regardless of whether or not someone recalls it!

This means that if you have an item and another user requests it over the break, say on April 6th, then rather than having to return it in 7 days as per usual policy, you won't have to bring it back until at least the 29th of April.

Please note: During the Easter close days (18th-23rd April) the Library will not be able to respond to emails received through We will endeavour to reply to your queries as soon as possible upon our return and we apologise for any inconvenience caused. Thank you very much for your understanding.

If you would like to use the Library facilities over the Easter break, you can find the opening hours here.

Have a great break and enjoy your reading!

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