Even More eBooks!

The Library's Demand Driven Acquisition (DDA) Fund gives final year students access to tens of thousands of eBooks.

Are you working on your final year project? Did you know the Library automatically purchases eBooks that are in-demand by our students?

As a Library we can purchase new resources for you! Our Even More Books! Fund gives students and staff access to an additional 29,529 academic eBooks. Whilst we have money left in our promotional fund, the titles most heavily used will be automatically purchased and added to the library collections permanently.

This approach means that you automatically spend Library funds on the titles you want to read. Our fund for this year is £40,000, which the Library will use to purchase the titles most in-demand by our students until the fund runs out.

Click here to start searching!

If you would like the Library to purchase a print copy of any of the titles, you can request that using our year round More Books! service instead.

If you need assistance in finding resources for your project or just research in general, you can always book a librarian to help you out and offer one-to-one guidance throughout the week or watch this brief video on how to find resources.


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email us on library@le.ac.uk, tweet us @UoLDWL or send us a Facebook message.

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