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Keep up to date with the latest news about new Library Search. Includes answers to frequently asked questions, known issues and their solutions and a link to old Library Search.

Dog with magnifying glass examining the new Library Search system.Library Search is the system you use to find books, eBooks, journals and other resources available from the Library.  It is available from the 'All' search option on the Library homepage.

If you have any questions about, or problems with, new Library Search please contact us by emailing or live chat.

Some eBooks and eJournals can be still be accessed via old Library Search during the implementation period.

Key facts/Known issues




How do I access an eBook?

Find the ebook in Library Search, click on the View It tab and then follow the link to the full-text resource (login with your University IT username and password if you are off-campus). This video shows you how to find an eBook.

How do I access an eJournal?

To find journal articles, find the article in Library Search, click on the View It tab and then follow the link to the full-text resource (login with your University IT username and password if you are off-campus).

To find whole journals by title, click on the Journals A-Z tab, search for the journal title, and follow the links to the full-text resource (for eJournals), or view library holdings (for print journals).

It says I should be able to access a book/article but I am asked to pay for access Please report the full details to so we can investigate.
The eBook/journal article I was using isn’t showing in the new Library Search

We are continuing to migrate our resources to Library Search so some items might be temporarily unavailable. In the meantime, you can still access them via the old Library Search.


You can also search for the journal title using Journals A-Z and navigate to the article this way.

The new Library Search is not finding as many results as the old Library Search. Some ebooks and ejournals have not yet been added to Library Search, so you may temporarily find fewer than expected results. We are continuing to migrate our resources to Library Search; in the meantime you can still access them via old Library Search.

I am a distance learning student.  How do I request postal loans?

Distance learning students can request postal loans either by using the form on the library website or by using the Get It and Request options in new Library Search (as above), and selecting Home Delivery as your pick-up location. This video shows you how to find and use the form.
I want to place a hold on a print book Find the book in Library Search, sign-in to My Account (with your University IT username and password if off-campus), click on Get It, and then click on Request. Watch a video to see the new 'request' process.
How do I renew my library books? Sign-in to My Account (with your University IT username and password if you are off-campus) to view a list of current loans, and to renew all or selected loans. One of the benefits of new Library Search is automatic book renewals.  Your library books will be renewed automatically if no one else has requested them.
Save your searches to save you time

The Queries tab in My Account enables you to view recent searches (in this session), save searches and create email alerts to new items added to the library. To save a search, click on Save Query in the options on the right-hand side of the search results. To view a saved search, sign-in to My Account (with your University IT username and password if off-campus) and click on the Queries tab.

What can I do in My Account?

Signin to My Account (with your University IT username and password if off-campus) to view a list of current loans and historic loans, renew items on loan, and request (hold) items on loan.  My Account also includes My Favourites and Queries. This video shows you the key features of My Account.




What's better about the new Library Search system?

  • as well as books, eBooks and journals, you can search our research archives, rare books, University exam papers, dissertations and theses all in one go;
  • you can create and save lists of your favourite books and other resources;
  • you can browse the Library shelves virtually;
  • new items added to the Library (including digital resources such as eBooks) will become available for you to use more quickly.

How different is the new system from the current one?

Although the new system offers important improvements, it works in a very similar way to the old one.  The search options available from the Library homepage are the same as previously.


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Why have you changed Library Search just before the summer exams?

We know that the period before and during exams is very busy and potentially stressful.


We consulted the Students' Union on whether we should implement the system in April 2016 - or wait until summer 2017 which was the next available opportunity during a University vacation period for all the IT suppliers we are working with.


The Students' Union agreed that we should go ahead in April 2016 in order to provide students with the benefits of the new system as soon as possible and because any temporary disruption would be for a limited period in the Easter vacation.


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What happened when?

There have been some temporary changes to how you access Library resources and services while we implement the new system.


Last updated: Monday, 18 April 2016

DateService alterations
Friday 8 April 2016 onwards Please use our new Library Request form to request holds (for items out on loan), postal loans, items from the External Store and Special Collections and items from other libraries.
Monday, 11 April 2016 10.00am to Wednesday 13 April 2016 inclusive
Your Library borrowing account was updated to reflect new loans and items you have returned (but you were still able to borrow).  We are now updating your account.
Thursday, 14 April 2016 We changed over from the current Library Search system to the new Library Search system.  Access to eBooks, eJournals, Library Search and links from readinglists@Leicester will be at risk all day while we switchover to the new system. If you can't find an eBook or eJournal using new Library Search, it may still be available via old Library Search.  Another alternative for eJournals is Google Scholar.
Friday, 15 April 2016 onwards Normal services are expected to resume from today using the new system.  Temporary access problems with some eBooks and eJournals.  Please try old Library Search as an alternative.



How do I get help or further information?

Please visit our Ask Us service to check our FAQs or to get all our contact details.


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