Environmentally Efficient Building

The new Library is being designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible and meet the BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Energy Assessment Method) 'Excellent' rating. This is the highest level that can be achieved and clearly demonstrates that Leicester is taking a lead in the HE sector by utilising a standard that few other institutions have used or attained.

A feature of new Library is the production of clean green electricity using three silicon photovoltaic technologies.

You can see the solar louvres on the third floor.

There is a PV system display on the wall opposite the ground floor public lift. This shows the outputs of the new technologies.

  • the top line displays the actual amount of electrical power in kilowatts being produced by the system. The display is updated with new readings every 2 minutes.
  • the middle line shows how many kilowatt hours of electricity the system has produced since it was commissioned in March 2007. As a reference the typical electricity consumption in the UK is around 3,500 kWh (= 3.5MWh) per year
  • the bottom line shows the amount (in tonnes) of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions that are avoided by the generation of the PV system. This amount of CO2 would have been added to the atmosphere if the PV system had not been in operation.  This amount relates to the operation of the system since the commissioning in March 2007.


David Wilson Library Solar Photo-Voltaic Generator technical details.

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