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14 January 2014 saw the fourth University of Leicester annual Athena SWAN event, attended by around 50 people representing departments from across the various departments from the College of Medicine, Biological Sciences and Psychology and the College of Science and Engineering, in addition to attendees from across the University.

The event was opened by Professor Wynford-Thomas, who gave a brief overview of Athena SWAN, highlighting our eight bronze awards and one silver award (Health Sciences).

We then heard from our guest speaker, Diana Garnham, Chief Executive of the Science Council.  Diana Garnham spoke on the topic of ‘Taking a Wider Look at Science Careers’.  Diana gave an overview of the current science workforce, highlighting areas in which change is desirable, for example, short-term contracts.  She also outlined an action plan of areas which need to be addressed (available in full report).
Dr Gillian Butcher then spoke on women in science over the past 2000 years.  She highlighted how women are often ‘credited’ with work, rather than actually attributing the work to them.

Dr Li Liu and Dr Aman Asif-Malik both spoke on their experiences as Daphne Jackson Fellows – they had both taken career breaks, and wanted to return to research.  Through the Daphne Jackson Fellowships, they were able to return to research, balancing research and family life.

For a full report of the event and links to presentations, please click the links below (UoL staff and students only):

Link to full report

Link to Diana Garnham's Presentation

On the posters: Mae Jemison Biography Ada Lovelace Biography Kathleen Mary Drew-Baker Biography

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