Athena Swan Event 2013

2013 Event: Breaking Through the Barriers of Bias

Athena SWAN Poster 2013The University held its third annual Athena Swan event, attended by around 50 people representing various departments from the College of Medicine, Biological Sciences and Psychology and the College of Science and Engineering, in addition to attendees from across the University.

The event was opened by Professor Martin Barstow who emphasised the importance of understanding unconscious bias and how it may impact negatively on women in science.

We then heard from our guest speaker, Professor Jennifer Saul, Head of the Department of Philosophy at the University of Sheffield.  Professor Saul made a distinction between implicit bias (unconscious bias which changes our behaviour towards people) and stereotype threat (where the perceived stereotype impacts negatively on performance, in a group setting).  She noted that most people have unconscious biases against members of groups which are stigmatised in society.

Following the group discussion, Professor Annette Cashmore and Dr Turi King spoke on their experiences of their career as women in science, and the challenges they have faced.

For a full report of the event and links to further information, please click the links below (UoL staff and students only):

Link to full report

Link to GENIE Athena SWAN newsletter

Event programme

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