Gender Equality Working Group

The University's Gender Equality Working Group was first established in September 2006, becoming more active in late 2007, culminating in the University's first bronze award submitted in May 2008.  Following a major reorganisation of the University in 2008 into its current College structure, the Working Group has since met continuously.  The group meets every two months.

The Gender Equality Working group reports directly to the Gender Equality Executive Group, and Equality and Diversity Committee.  This ensures all departments are represented, good practice is spread, and any concerns can be escalated.  It also ensures the flow of information between departments and the corporate University.


Jo Aitkins Professional Services
Eugenia Caracciolo Di Torella College of Social Science, Arts and Humanities
Sophie Mason
Equalities Team
Paul Cullis (Chair)
Chair of Gender Equality Working Group
Naomi Irvine Researcher Development Team
Kate Kells Human Resources
Emma Parker
College of Social Science, Arts and Humanities
Kate Williams DPVC of Equality and Diversity

Recent Gender Equality Working Group minutes can be found in the Committee Drive (available to University Staff & Students Only)

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