Letter from the Mayor

Preserved in the University archives, this letter was sent by the Mayor of Leicester in March 1918, inviting interested parties (including Dr Astley Clarke) to a "preliminary conversation" about the proposed University College.

Dr Clarke's hand-written note records: "Owing to war conditions and strict rations, tea was very difficult to obtain, likewise sugar, milk and cakes. Still it WAS provided!"

AVC letter 3mar18 540.jpg

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"Peace will only be the end of the first stage of the great struggle. We shall then find ourselves faced by a big problem. Only the best services of which we are capable can then enable us to meet the huge financial expenditures which we shall have to face. It will be necessary for us to make the best use of the best brains of our nation, and I cannot imagine anything which would give a greater feeling of satisfaction to those who have risked everything for our safety, than the knowledge that we have resolved to follow up their heroism on the battlefield by a determined resolve to train our powers for the strenuous battle to follow."

FW Bennett, letter to Leicester Daily Post, 7 December 1917