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'Therapeutic basket-weaving' was one of the activities on offer to help wounded soldiers recover during their time at the 5th Northern General. (image from Leicester Mercury Archive at the University of Leicester)

The University of Leicester will be holding and involved with many events and activities to mark the 100th anniversary of the First World War. Information and links to these events can be found below.

14-21 November 2014

The Petal and the Wire
Stage play inspired by real life testimonies and diaries of Leicester veterans, many recorded in the 1980s by Leicester University. Touring libraries in city and county.

23-24 August 2014

World War One at Home
Historians from the University will be part of BBC Radio Leicester's day of fun and discovery about our region’s place in the First World War.

4 August 2014

Lights Out
The University particpated in the nationwide 'Lights Out' commemorative event.

28 June 2014

Summer Reunion: World War 1 Commemoration Activities
Our annual day for graduates and their families included displays and re-enactments, mini-lectures on the Great War and a drop-in toy hospital for injured dolls, teddies and soldiers.

Dr Horrocks talked about the history of how the University’s buildings were used as a field hospital during the Great War. In addition, PhD researcher Liz Blood discussed Leicester's unique war memorial in Victoria Park and how the Great War represented a shift in attitudes towards commemoration.

19 February 2014

The Great War – Lest we forget?
In this latest Leicester Exchanges debate, we discussed some of the legacies of the Great War that are often overlooked, including the impact it had on science and technology, the nation’s diet and the role of the state.

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